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Curiox Biosystems

Woburn,  MA 
United States

Centrifuge-free cell washing yields better data.


Brands: Laminar Wash™ Mini System, Laminar Wash™ HT2000 System, Laminar Wash™ AUTO 1000 System


  • Laminar Wash™ Systems
    Better data, simpler workflows with centrifuge-free cell washing.
    Automated Laminar Wash™ systems deliver higher quality data through better cell retention and improved preservation of cellular physiology and viability....

  • Laminar Wash™ technology is for scientists who believe that quantitative flow cytometry is critical to cell therapy, immuno-oncology and other fields where cell analysis is important.
    The demand for cell analysis by flow cytometry is increasing exponentially, particularly for better quantitation and consistency. How can we meet this challenging demand? Well, one way is to hire more scientists and strictly enforce SOPs. Many experts in the field say this won't be a solution - especially since we have a shortage of experienced scientists in flow cytometry and frequent turnover.
    If you are interested in obtaining the most reproducible data across users and locations, then Laminar Wash technology is for you. We have three different Laminar Wash systems to suit your needs.