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Welcome to Polyplus-transfection's page!

Polyplus-transfection applies its 20 years expertise to the development of novel transfection solutions. Polyplus-transfection is the leading supplier of a key critical component for viral vectors manufacturing for Gene & Cell Therapy. We are proud to provide qualified and GMP-grade transfection reagents suitable from R&D to clinical trial and commercial scale, accompanied by a strong scientific and regulatory support. In addition, we provide a range of effective transfection reagents to deliver most nucleic acids, including DNA and siRNA in vitro and in vivo.

Brands: Transfection reagents to support Cell & Gene Therapy


  • FectoVIR®-AAV range
    The FectoVIR®-AAV transfection range is growing with the upcoming addition of the highest possible quality and fully tested FectoVIR®-AAV GMP to support CGT manufacturers to commercialization....

  • FectoVIR®-AAV transfection reagent is one of its kind animal free transfection reagent developed specifically for recombinant AAV (rAAV) production in suspension cells that guarantees performance, scalability and compatibility with various HEK-293 cell suspension systems. Since its launch last year, FectoVIR®-AAV transfection reagent has proven itself by improving rAAV production worldwide. FectoVIR®-AAV GMP meets health authorities’ recommendations for critical ancillary materials used during the manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products.