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REFEYN | Weighing molecules with light.

The pioneer in mass photometry, Refeyn produces a disruptive new generation of analytical instruments that measure the mass of individual molecules directly in solution. Mass photometry transforms our ability to characterise the composition, structure and dynamics of biomolecules, revealing the true behavior of molecules in their native environment. Quickly and simply, Refeyn instruments can show sample purity and homogeneity, analyze biomolecular complex assembly or disassembly, quantify strength and kinetics of complex molecular interactions, and much more.


  • Refeyn OneMP
    A revolutionary instrument for bioanalytics. The Refeyn OneMP brings mass photometry into daily laboratory life.​ This unique instrument allows you to characterise your molecule of interest with unprecedented sensitivity, speed and simplicity....

  • Refeyn OneMP is the ideal instrument to characterise biomolecules, optimise conditions for working with them and to study their functions including interactions, oligomerisation and macromolecular assembly. It marks a new era in biomolecular analysis, using proprietary mass photometry technology to enable label-free, mass measurement of single molecules directly in solution.

    Refeyn OneMP detects the light that is scattered by single molecules in solution and uses this signal not only to count molecules, but also to measure their mass. This is possible in a wide range of native buffer solutions, without the need for labels, and mass distribution results can be intuitively interpreted without a priori knowledge.

    Mass distribution is a fundamental signature of the relative purity and stability of biomolecular samples. Monitoring mass can guide the optimisation of buffer conditions to avoid oligomerisation and aggregation or promote macromolecular complex assembly and stability. Mass measurement at single particle level also allows for extremely simple quantification of gene-delivery particle loading. Mass photometry is a single molecule technique, that counts species relative to their concentrations and is therefore quantitative. Therefore, it provides an extremely simple and quick alternative for the quantification of high affinity interactions. 

    Measuring mass allows the investigation of a wide variety of biological systems. The Refeyn OneMP provides this solution through mass photometry with unrivalled ease.

    Key Benefits

    · Accurate measurement of true native behaviour

    · In solution, in a variety of buffers and compatible with membrane proteins

    · Label-free, without the need to modify samples

    · Information on all sub-populations in samples

    · Single molecule counting

    · Wide mass range and high dynamic range

    · One assay format delivering multiple results

    · Homogeneity, structural integrity and activity

    · Quick, simple and minimal sample amounts