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Advance your R&D with the Benchling Life Sciences R&D Cloud

Benchling is the first R&D cloud platform powering the life sciences and biotech industry, and helping scientists make breakthrough discoveries faster than ever before. Benchling offers a unified R&D suite which includes Notebook, Molecular Biology, Registry, Inventory, Request & Workflow management, and Insights. Benchling is used globaly by over 300,000 scientists across the largest multinational pharmaceutical corporations, emerging biotechnology companies, and renowned research institutions, For more information, please visit https://www.benchling.com 

Brands: Benchling is the industry’s leading life sciences R&D cloud. Benchling offers a suite of cloud applications that allows scientists to accelerate, measure, and forecast R&D all in one place.


  • Benchling for Cell Therapy R&D
    Track and interlink cell-based entities and cell engineering workflows, genome editing, product characterization, scale-up, and tech transfer....

  • Cell therapies represent a promising new therapeutic modality that is expected to have a major impact on several serious disease conditions. However, the technologies and processes supporting the discovery and development of novel cell therapies are just taking shape and are likely to transform in the future.

    Benchling provides a modern, fully configurable, and user-friendly platform that adapts to the rapidly evolving needs of cell therapy R&D. Benchling’s platform enables biopharmaceutical organizations to accelerate cell therapy R&D and bring more breakthrough therapies to market faster. With Benchling you can:

    Manage a variety of cell-based entities and constructs including CAR-Ts, TCRs, and stem cells

    • Design and analyze cell-based entities with sequence-level intelligence
    • Map donor cells, vectors, genetic material, and final product relationships
    • View complete experimental context of your cell therapy product lots

    Edit the genome of novel targets, immunotherapies, cell lines, and stem cells

    • Create and edit gRNA sequences with on/off-target scoring
    • Manage your library of targeted nucleases
    • Perform gene editing experiments

    Integrate novel cell engineering methods and workflows

    • Create custom workflows for specific cell engineering methods
    • Have real-time visibility into your discovery process
    • Modify your workflows without vendor involvement as program needs change

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