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OriGen Biomedical

Austin,  TX 
United States

OriGen Biomedical manufactures the industry-preferred products for small volume cell culture and final product cryopreservation. Our products include PermaLife Cell Culture Bag, CryoStore™ Freezing Bag, CryoPur DMSO Solutions and compatible Accessory Sets. Our products are FDA cleared, CE marked, and cGMP manufactured. Connect with us at OriGen.com.


  • CryoStore
    The OriGen CRYOSTORE™ bag is the industry-preferred cryogenic freezing bag. The hermetically sealed spike ports and film used in every CRYOSTORE™ bag are made from a robust EVA. A Certificate of Conformance (CoC) is included with each CRYOSTORE™ bag....

  • EASE OF USE – BUILT-IN The donor tube is intentionally placed in the corner of the bag for easier debubbling and sealing. OriGen can provide the bag with one of several stock or non-stock tube sets to fit your processing needs. All tubing sets are SCD weldable, allowing for versatile applications. You can order multi-bag sets to reduce processing time and the possibility of contamination in the lab.

    NEEDLE-FREE INJECTION PORT The “N” tubing set has luer-actuated needle-free injection ports. These swabable ports maintain sterility of the sample through numerous actuations (white paper available) and can eliminate the possibility of needle sticks.

    ALIQUOTS - MATCHED BAG AND TUBE PRINTING Each stock bag has a printed number on the label pocket and a donor tube with pre-marked printed segments of approximately 100µL. This can aid in tracing aliquot samples to the bag.

    OUR QUALITY STANDARDS A Certificate of Conformance (CoC) is included with each CRYOSTORE™ bag. OriGen’s CRYOSTORE™ bags are CE marked and FDA 510(k) cleared. OriGen is certified to ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP certified, and all products are manufactured to GMP guidelines.