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Framingham,  MA 
United States

Hello and welcome to the SCIEX exhibit at ASGCT 2021

SCIEX CE and LC-MS technology can benefit your laboratory with flexible workflows to get the answers you need. Discover ways to accelerate your gene therapy and oligo development by getting the right answers through precise analytics you can trust.

Brands: PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System X500B QTOF System TripleTOF® 6600+ System SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System - QTRAP® Ready


  • PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System
    The PA 800 Plus system enables a wide range of analyses for characterization of monoclonal antibodies and other proteins & peptides, as well as nucleic acids, proteins and viruses used in cell and gene therapy....

  • Confidently safeguard the success of your biologics pipleline from discovery through QC with robust, sensitive, quantitative analyses using the PA 800 Plus system. 


    This system supports the following validated applications: 

    • Monoclonal anitbody applications 

    • Purity/heterogeneity with CE-SDS 

    • Charge heterogeneity with fast and simple CZE or hi-res cIEF (UV) 

    • Peptides and proteins beyond mAbs 

    • ADCs 

    • Fusion proteins 

    • Hormones 

    • Cell and gene therapy applications 

    • Virus particle quantitation 

    • Viral capsid protein purity (LIF) 

    • Viral vector impurity analysis (empty/full) (UV) 

    • Transgene integrity analysis (LIF) 

    • Nucleic acid and plasmid purity analysis (LIF)