SPACE Trailers

Red Wing,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 1247

SPACE Trailers develop lightweight and car-friendly trailers

SPACE Trailers are the best lightweight, customizable sport trailer on the market. Our affordable trailers provide maximum SPACE during use and require minimum footprint since you can store the trailer vertically in your garage! SPACE Trailers were developed through firsthand experience and research with the idea of purchasing more fuel-efficient, smaller crossover vehicles and not leaving any gear behind. Our goal is to get our community outside by providing sustainable, high-quality, customizable trailers. SPACE Trailers operate and manufacture in Red Wing, Minnesota.


  • SPACE Trailer
    SPACE Trailers are lightweight and car-friendly trailers that are versatile enough for all types of outdoor adventure....

  • The base trailer comes standard with SPACE Bumpers, LUV handles, a wheel jack, the canopy, a standard tongue, 13” black wheels, standard gas cylinders, and LED lighting. The trailer weights 600 lbs. and has a carrying capacity 1,000 lbs. with a total payload of 1,600 lbs. All our SPACE Trailers have a spring leaf axle. The difference between a HighRider and LowRider is how the axle is mounted to the leaf spring. The springs are mounted above the axle on a HighRider whereas the springs are mounted below (or underneath) the axle on a LowRider. Depending on your vehicle receiver hitch, you will either select a HighRider or a LowRider. There’s no advantage to either the HighRider or LowRider model. The base trailer comes standard with 13” Black Wheels. All our tires are highway-rated to 80 MPH. The SPACE Bumpers all you to store your SPACE Trailer vertically whether in your garage or outside! The LUV Handles are bolted into the frame and provide extra security to lock down your gear. They also allow you to easily to maneuver the trailer. Using the Wheel Jack, you can support trailer when disconnected from vehicle. Our unique canopy design is a UV Protectant .25” thick HDPE canopy with Aluminum frame. There is also a stay-rod to support your canopy lid when open. The Standard Tongue is 11 feet in length with a 4-foot tongue in front of box. You will need a 2” ball to connect your trailer to the receiver. The Standard Gas cylinders have a total capacity of 300 lbs. of lift. The custom-made LED lighting harness requires a 4 flat wire connection. The 4x7 foot bed is a ½ inch Marine grade plywood which is poly-coated on both sides to eliminate any skid inside the box. The unique tailgate design flips open to 90 and 180 using latches on both sides.