Tenkara USA

San Francisco,  CA 
United States
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Tenkara is appealing for several reasons, especially: simplicity, intuitiveness, high effectiveness that stems from the drag-free drifts and terrific presentations allowed by the long tenkara rod and line tenkara line, pin-point accurate casting, portability, and fun.

Tenkara anglers are often initially attracted and enjoy the simplicity in the method, which uses only a rod, line and fly. But, simplicity wouldn't mean much without it being effective. Developed by professional anglers in the mountain streams of Japan, tenkara is an incredibly effective method of fly-fishing. 


  • Hane
    The Hane™ is a super compact all-around tenkara rod that will quickly become your favorite adventure rod. Measuring just under 15 inches when collapsed, the Hane fits nicely inside a small day pack, making this a superb rod for adventures....

  • Whether you are targeting trout in a mountain stream, or bass in an urban pond, the Hane will work well. It's a rod that can tag along in a variety of conditions without compromising durability. The Hane is also a popular rod for kids.