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Tired of sweating when backpacking? We have the solution!

Vaucluse Gear backpacking equipment helps hikers evaporate more sweat and better stabilize their body's temperature. Our patented lightweight technology allows heat and sweat to freely dissipate between the back and backpack as you hike. As a result, you sweat less, stay drier, and enjoy the outdoors more.

Brands: Vaucluse Gear offers hikers a more comfortable and safer backpacking experience with the Cool-Dry Frame.


  • Cool-Dry Backpack Frame
    The Vaucluse Gear Cool-Dry Frame attaches in seconds to your current backpack to produce a cooling airflow on your back as you hike. The lightweight frame allows the heat and sweat to evaporate off your back....

  • Welcome to the future of backpacking which is sweat-free! Get 100x more airflow between you and your backpack to keep you cool and dry during all your backpacking adventures.

    This lightweight frame (only 6 ounces) is light, durable, and flexible. It attaches directly to your current backpack in seconds to create a natural airflow between you and the pack. There is no mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow and comfortability to keep your back cool and dry.

    The frame is soft and comfortable on your back. The frame is built of very soft and flexible thermo-rubber. The soft rubber is threaded into shape to perfectly balance durability and comfort. It has a great load-bearing capacity, high elongation at break, and a high level of tensile strength. 

    The universal design allows you to attach the frame to your existing backpack in seconds. You can easily attach and reattach the frame to use it with any of your backpacks. 

    The honeycomb design offers flexibility to contour with your back, durability to survive all your hiking adventures, and large open pockets to allow air to flow across your entire back freely.