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Welcome to the zero-waste world of Little Kamper Propane!

Little Kamper portable propane tank exchange exists for a simple reason. 1lb propane tanks are popular for outdoor recreation but they are costly to recycle. Our local, state and national parks get stuck with the bill for collecting, transporting and recycling the tanks people discard in parks, campgrounds, forests and beaches.

Little Kamper propane tank exchange is the safe and sustainable alternative to single-use tanks. We fill Flame King 1lb tanks with our automated filling system and ship them to our retailers via FedEx Ground. The Little Kamper tanks can be safely reused for up to 12 years and every tank we refill is one less disposable tank in the waste stream at your favorite outdoor destination. 

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  • Little Kamper 1lb Propane Tank Exchange
    Little Kamper 1lb propane tank exchange is the eco-friendly alternative to single-use propane tanks. Little Kamper uses Flame King 1lb refillable tanks to offer retailers and consumers the opportunity to use the propane by reusing the tank....

  • Little Kamper 1lb propane tank exchange is the zero-waste alternative to the dark green tanks that people use for camping and cooking outdoors.
    Using the same model as BBQ (20lb) propane tank exchange, Little Kamper delivers pre-filled 1lb tanks to their retailers. The retailers sell and exchange tanks to their customers. Empty tanks are sent back to Little Kamper production centers where the tanks are refilled and sent back out for reuse.

    Here's why this program is great for independent retailers.

    - Little Kamper tank exchange appeals to younger customers who prefer eco-friendly products.
    - Shipping cost (both ways) is included in the pricing so there are no hidden costs. 
    - Pricing is flat so every store gets the same opportunity to participate.
    - Little Kamper tanks are offered in Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon. Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Grand Tetons, and other National Parks.

    Reducing waste is a critical park of protecting the environment. Offering Little Kamper 1lb tank exchange is an easy way to help your customers reduce waste AND bring them back to your store when they need more gas!

    Visit the Little Kamper booth to learn more about what's coming next from Little Kamper propane!