Sterisil, Inc.

Palmer lake,  CO 
United States
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Looking for info on waterline treatment? We got you covered.

Sterisil® is a leading manufacturer of dental water compliance solutions. We specialize in silver-based, antimicrobial products and infection control protocols that eliminate microbial contaminates in dental unit waterlines while remaining safe for patients, staff, and equipment. Sterisil offers a complete line of maintenance and shock treatments for every operatory configuration. All Sterisil products carry an EPA registration and quantified claim for effectiveness to ≤10CFU/ml. Our national team of dental water compliance specialists can assist and facilitate the implementation of compliant dental water use for any size practice. We strive to empower dental professionals with the tools and expertise necessary to deliver compliant dental water for every patient visit.

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    Sterisil® Straw V2
    Buy 2 Sterisil® Straw V2s (S365-V2, S365m-V2) and receive 1 Sterisil® Straw V2 at no charge.

    Sterisil® Antimicrobial Bottle
    Buy 2 Sterisil® Antimicrobial Bottles (BF-B, BF-B2L) and receive 1 Sterisil® Antimicrobial Bottle at no charge.

    Sterisil® Cartridge
    Buy 2 Sterisil® Cartridges (All CV and CI types) and receive 1 Sterisil® Cartridge at no charge.

    Citrisil™ Tablets
    Buy 2 boxes of Citrisil™ (C50-W, C50-B, C50-2W, C50-2B, ECS-20) and receive 1 box of Citrisil™ at no charge.

    Buy 2 MyCheck™ cartons (PN: MC-4) and receive 1 carton at no charge.

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