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Intelligent Document Processing saving you time and cost.

Automate Document Processing for Transportation and Logistics by using Intelligent Document Processing, saving companies 80% of operating costs and improving productivity by 50% from manual document processing and data entry to systems.

Our proprietary Document Extraction engine automatically, accurately, and rapidly extracts key information from semi-structured, non-templated documents, including lengthy commercial invoices, complicated packing list, bill of lading, proof of delivery, waybills and many more.

Extracted information from your documents will be automatically reconciliate, cross-check, validating and entered in your systems (TMS, CMS, ERP, your legacy system and more). Your staff will be freed up from manual low-value work and can be adding value by providing customer service and supplier relations. is an AI-powered solution company, helping enterprises in Transport and Logistics to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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