DataSay, Inc.

Ashburn,  VA 
United States
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Welcome to DataSay - your source for data visualization.

DataSay is a technology company on a mission to help you connect your data dots. Visualize your data with drillable data dashboards to reveal the information in your data, see trends, replicate strengths, and achieve excellence! Using a single, unified, secure cloud-based platform to visualize all your program data, conduct annual self-assessments, manage ongoing monitoring, and document your data story for your Focus Area 1 and Focus Area 2 reviews.  
With DataSay, control is in your hands.  Drive decisions with your data, analyze trends, produce reports, and track your findings accurately.  With real-time, team-based analytics and data dashboard views, users can see the information in their data and act to set goals and achieve outcomes based on real data across all monitoring events not limited to a single question or checklist view.  
With comprehensive data analytics, understand your program better and evaluate the big picture down to the small details.