Bedtime in a Box

Baltimore,  MD 
United States
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A Better Tomorrow Begins Tonight

Bedtime in a Box is a creative but simple solution that supports the health and educational development of children prior to entering school by providing families with the materials, tools, and training they need to enact a comprehensive bedtime routine, seven days a week.

Bedtime is more than just getting ready for sleep. It’s a time to talk, laugh, play, learn, and imagine, while in the bath or in bed. It’s a time to discuss the day and share stories. It’s a time to bond and focus on each other.

By giving parents and caregivers, especially those in low-income households, the tools to nurture their children, we are developing habits that will last a lifetime, improving early literacy outcomes, and supporting the link between home and school.

We developed the idea of Bedtime in a Box after witnessing a large number of children entering school each year without the basic skills and knowledge to be successful. In an effort to establish a healthy and consistent routine every night for children and families, we raised funds and partnered with Early Childhood Centers to package boxes and give them to families in Baltimore.

Brands: We envision a healthy and educational bedtime for all. That's why we are focused on improving childhood learning & health for families, regardless of income.


  • Bedtime in a Box
    Our Bedtime Boxes are the perfect supplement to at-home learning. Supporting Children and Families with Bedtime routines, Nightly reading, Health, and Bonding....

  • Each Box contains five age-appropriate books; bath wash, a towel, and bath toys; a toothbrush and toothpaste; pajamas; a stuffed animal; an alarm clock; a Teach My Learning Kit; and a kid-friendly routine log.

    In order to ensure that children have age-appropriate materials for their bedtime routine, we’ve developed four different leveled Boxes to meet the needs of a growing child: Infant (3 months+), Toddler (18 months to 3 years), Preschool (ages 3 to 4), and Kindergarten (ages 5 to 6)