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United States
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Skelly Skills provides continuing education and training in early childhood nutrition, feeding and counseling. Specifically serving the early childhood education and public health nutrition professional and adjunct staff, Skelly Skills has trained thousands of Head Start and WIC staff and programs since 2004.

Our goal is to provide practical skills for in all our training, enabling  staff to tackle real-world challenges with effective solutions.

We have trained WIC and Head Start staff in all 50 states.

The first 100 people to visit our booth and give us your contact info will receive a free Spanish/English Nutrition Poster for your Head Start Classroom!

We can provide training for any size group or budget, and have even trained entire state-wide program. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your training needs. Please request a one-on-one session to learn more about how we can help you. 

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  • Beyond a Bite Professional Edition
    Help Your Staff Learn Practical Approaches To Sensory And Feeding Challenges With Autism Spectrum Disorder And Neurodivergent Clients.

  • Features:
    • How to address common feeding challenges through new techniques and strategies focused on transition, cues, modeling, and pace
    • Background on common nutritional deficiencies and nutrition-related symptoms among this population
    • Ways to include nutrient-dense foods to address deficiencies while accommodating sensory preferences and challenges
    • Complete background on the sensory system and its impact on feeding and regulation, with specific strategies for sensory-smart and responsive feeding approaches
    • How to help your clients and families reduce stress at the kitchen table while bringing a mindful approach to mealtimes
    • Over 20 ready-to-use activities, with graphics, dialogue, troubleshooting and step-by-step guide to implementation
    • How to work with a multidisciplinary feeding team, including SLPs and OTR/Ls
    • How to educate caregivers on successfully incorporating the techniques for home use, including helpful phrases to foster positive communication and respect at mealtimes
    • Tips for practicing mindful parenting during mealtimes
  • 5 Minute MI
    5 Minute MI: Motivational Interviewing In Nutrition And Health When Time Is Short
    Learn how to effectively use MI with parents and other caregivers in 5-7 minutes. This is a book no Head Start nutritionist or educator can be without!...

  • Features:

    • Online course with loads of 5-7 minute MI counseling case studies in public health, wellness, online and telephone counseling, and family nutrition and diet education!
    • 5-Minute MI(TM) Tip sheets, troubleshooting and practice sessions on how to apply MI dialogue to successfully engage, promote client autonomy and offer support all in the shortest of time frames!
    • Review of the four processes of MI, as well as the hallmark MI microskills—OARS—all customized for use in short counseling settings
    • Five 60-minute companion webinars on the following troubleshooting topics in 5-Minute MI(TM):
      1. My Client is Quiet
      2. My Client Doesn’t Want to Change
      3. My Client Wants a Meal Plan
      4. My Client Seems Confused, and
      5. My Client is Talkative

    Finally feel confident using MI when the clock is ticking—fast! Maximize the time you have—no matter how short—with each Head Start family to promote positive behavior change.

  • Discover Mindful Eating For Kids!
    Discover Mindful Eating For Kids! 75 Activities For Managing Picky Eaters, Overeaters, Speed Eaters And Every Kid In-Between (Second Edition) (25 CPEUs) Gain the skills and confidence to use mindful eating with the pint-sized set and their caregivers!...

  • Features:

    • 75 client-ready handouts on Mindful Eating activities for kids and their caregivers! Designed for either the counseling session, group education classes, or client/parent self-directed learning
    • Activities for a variety of common kid-eating issues! Help kids slow down, try new foods, explore cooking and meal prep, become aware of food and feelings, assess their hunger levels and much more. Megrette’s whimsical and creative approaches include graphics and other visuals designed just for kids, free videos using stuffed animals to work out feelings (with dialogue you can use with your clients), 1-minute pre-meal activities to calm younger kids, and much much more!
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to use these 75 mindful eating activities with your clients, including prompts to use in counseling sessions, how to assess client readiness for the activity, and gaining the confidence to use each of them successfully
    • Megrette’s insight on the activities–including her personal experiences using them, how to adapt them for a variety of settings, and which clients each works best with
    • Specific ways to use activities with the preschool, school-aged, diabetes, eating disordered, weight loss, WIC and teen weight management populations
    • Plus, the CE portion gives you the opportunity to practice a few activities on yourself! In doing so, you’ll learn firsthand how transformative this innovative approach is. This book can truly change your practice, and your clients’ relationships with food.

    Learn More.

  • Responsive Feeding Made Easy
    Help make responsive feeding easy for your Head Start and Early Head Start Families. This guide for educators is your one-stop shop for training your staff!...

    • Online Course Features:
    • complete responsive feeding training guide, from breastfeeding to baby-led weaning to toddler and child feeding through age 5
    • video and written components for maximum interactivity
    • Loads of practical case studies, dialogue and activities to guide your clients!
    • Finally gain the confidence you need to provide guidance in responsive feeding to your Head Start and Early Head Start caregivers!