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Mission,  KS 
United States
  • Booth: 950

As leaders in talent development since 1989, SkillPath leverages decades of experience to provide you and others across the tribal gaming industry with strategic, innovative training solutions designed for individual growth and organizational success.

Build a better workforce with a wide variety of skill training:

  • Leadership Development
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Microsoft® Excel® and Office Applications
  • Finance and Accounting
  • HR Topics/OSHA Compliance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And MORE!

Choose from our flexible training options!

On-Site Corporate Training: Training that's tailored to your business and its vision for the future.
STAR12 Unlimited Learning: Unlimited access to LIVE, instructor-led seminars, webinars, SkillTip training videos, eLearning courses and more.
Webinars/Premium Webcasts: Convenient 1-hour online programs— perfect for individual or team training.
Public Seminars:
Live, instructor-led courses in an interactive group setting.


Corporate virtual instructor-led training

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  • Dealing With Today's Difficult Customers
    Customer expectations are at an all-time high and difficult behavior can take you by surprise. Be prepared. This training course is packed with strategies for staying calm, making someone feel heard, and getting to the root of the problem ... every time....

  • Instructor-led course

    Dealing With Today's Difficult Customers

    Customers want to feel heard and cared about as people. If your casino doesn’t go the extra mile to engage with them on a basic, human level, customers will complain or go elsewhere. They will also broadcast their dissatisfaction and departure to the world.

    This virtual training provides the tools that your entire team need to confidently handle today’s challenging customers. With empathy, updated communication strategies and a service-first approach, they’ll learn how to exceed customer expectations and win over even the most difficult customers every time.

    Training Modules include:

    • Master Service Basics to Win Over Difficult Customers
    • Handle Difficult Customers With Confidence
    • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor
    This intensive supervisor communication training course is built for your newest leaders, offering solutions to help managers gain respect and get their team's commitment....

  • Instructor-led course

    Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor

    New managers face the most difficult challenge—working through and serving others to get things done. This unique course provides the tools to be a true servant leader and not just “the boss.” Learn how to motivate employees, how to manage relationships and performance, how to coach effectively to create high-performing teams, how to make informed decisions and how to communicate successfully both up and out to leadership and the team. Learn to do all this while managing a new workload and focusing on the most precious resource — people.

    Modules include:

    • Being a Leader vs. Being a Boss
    • Mastering Team Communication
    • Team Relationship Management
    • The Leader and the Work
    • Decision-making Skills
    • Performance Management Methods
    • Being a Servant Leader
    • Creating High-performing Teams
    • Team Motivation and Recognition>
    • Coaching for Success
    • Communicating Up to Leadership
    • What Do I Do Next?
  • Managing Conflict and Confrontation at Work
    This highly interactive course teaches conflict management skills, enabling individuals to bring important issues to light, stay in control of emotions and work with all personalities ... without stepping on toes....

  • Instructor-led course

    Managing Conflict and Confrontation at Work

    It may be natural to avoid uncomfortable conflict with others, but this tactic could spell disaster in the workplace. Unmanaged or poorly managed conflict at work leads to less cooperation, impaired teamwork, lower productivity and reduced quality, as well as diminished employee commitment and morale. However, you can avoid negative outcomes like these with good conflict management skills.

    Successfully managed conflict can have a healthy, positive effect on your team and your organization. Well-managed conflict is an effective way to bring important issues to light and open the lines of communication, strengthening relationships with your team, boss, vendors and customers.

    Modules include:

    • Achieving Emotional Balance
    • Communicating with Different Personality Types
    • Communicating With Tact in Difficult Situations
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
    Understanding and staying in control of emotions is key in leadership and teamwork. Our EI course explores self-awareness, emotional balance and strategies for handling negative emotions....

  • Instructor-led course

    Building Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others. For success in careers and one’s personal life, EI is more important than IQ. To thrive today, it’s important to develop mature emotional intelligence skills necessary to better understand, empathize and negotiate with others. This course addresses the competencies needed for high-level emotional intelligence and skills necessary for that achievement.

    Modules include:

    • Understanding Emotions
    • Strengthening Self-Awareness
    • Achieving Emotional Balance
    • Crafting an Emotionally Intelligent Environment — Self-Regulate and Self-Motivate
    • Handling Conflict With Empathy
    • Refining Relationships Through Social Awareness and Communication
    • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
    • Applying Workplace Emotional Intelligence Tools
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