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NSBA's Exhibitor ROI Center is your FREE, on-demand knowledge resource providing ideas and strategies on how education companies can retain and build new relationships with school districts during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

As school leaders look to education industry partners for resources, now is the perfect time to use the content below to position your company as a K-12 thought leader.

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NSBA, in collaboration with national public education associations and industry experts, developed a webinar series to  discuss ways to mitigate the funding shortfalls for the upcoming school year, in addition to the high demand for materials and its impact on the supply chain.

View the webinar recordings below to hear district concerns, and advice offered to the district leaders.

The information shared may help you develop a strategy on how your company may play a role in supporting public schools.

Funding Shortfalls – What’s the Plan, What are Our Priorities?

This webinar will discuss how can school district teams can prioritize the needs of many, while providing equitable distribution of resources.  Areas to be addressed include facilities, transportation, staffing, school health, security, technology and training.

*This webinar was recorded on 06-24-2020.

Supply vs. Demand: What School Districts Need to Consider as Schools Reopen
This webinar will focus on the high demand for materials, its impact on the supply chain, and how schools can upgrade their facilities to protect students and staff.  

*This webinar was recorded on 6-26-2020.

The New Role of Transportation in the New Normal Routine for Schools

This webinar will address the transportation issues facing school districts in the 2020–2021 school year:

- Role of the bus driver‚Äč
- Barriers to apply CDC guidelines to buses
- Need for additional buses

- Need for additional staff

- Need for support for staff and students riding buses

- Conflict Resolution with students (levels if already apprehensive) (driver apprehensive)

*This webinar was recorded on 06-30-2020.

The Transformative Role School Resource Officers Have in Reopening Public Schools
The webinar will focus on critical issues and the need for investment in proper training/resources for SROs to help rebuild trust and reshape how they are viewed by students and staff, and the community.

*This webinar was recorded on 07-08-2020.

Sports and Performance Programs: Support for the Social Emotional Wellness of Students
This webinar will discuss the financial implications of sustaining these types of activities, and the important education-based role these programs provide to students.

*This webinar was recorded on 07-10-2020.

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