Acute Technology  

New Taipei City, 
  • Booth: 1919

Acute Technology Inc. makes PC-based test & measurement instruments since 1996. Our products include:

*LA series: TravelBus, TravelLogic, LA3000, BusFinder. 16~128 channels, 2.4GHz timing analysis, many bus triggers including SD3.0/eMMC4.5 and over 80 free bus decodes, also able to stack with many standalone DSOs to form as an MSO.

*DG series: TravelData, DG3000. 8~112 data channels, 3~16 event channels, 400Mbps data rate.

*DSO series: TravelScope. 2 channels, 1GS/s S/R, 200MHz bandwidth, 128MS memory, 16bits high vertical resolution.

*DP series: ADP1000, ADP2000, ADP5000. 25MHz or 100MHz bandwidth, +/-700V ~ 3,500V working range and 2,500V ~ 6,000V impulse withstand.

*PA series: TravelBus, TreavelLogic, LA3000, BusFinder. 16~128 channels, all our logic analyzers are also protocol analyzers which use hardware decode and store data into the PC hard disc for very long time.  There are two TravelBus models even offer differential CAN, RS485/RS422, ProfiBus ports, for up to 1000V withstand.

*MSO series: MSO1000, MSO2000. 8~16 channels, it is 3 instruments in 1 device, PA + LA + DSO.

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