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United States
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Error Monitoring and Crash Analytics Platform

Crashes and errors are a fact of life. As the devices that have software in them has exploded, the sheer volume of crashes has jumped dramatically. The time it takes to capture, prioritize, investigate, and resolve them is steadily increasing. But engineering teams don’t have more time. In fact, with ever lower barriers to entry to creating competitive software, we all have to be laser focused on building and shipping core product. The time it takes to dig through, understand, and diagnose every kind of snapshot, coredump, minidump, error, or exception we see in the development process and in production in the wild has to come down.

Backtrace provides automation and diagnostic tools for software engineering and support teams to spot the errors that matter, zero in on causes, and resolve them before their customers suffer. Start a free trial today!

Brands: Backtrace is a cross-platform error management solution that drastically reducing debugging time through automated capture, insight about impact, and resolution.