Aprés Nail  

City of Industry,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1805

Aprés Nail is a global beauty company that revolutionized the nail industry with the introduction of Gel-XTM, a full coverage, soft gel system that allows nail professionals to provide length and durability, in a soak-off extension. Gel-XTM has established itself as a durable and versatile extension option and is currently offered in 938 salons, globally. Unlike traditional acrylic or hard sel, Gel-XTM offers an extension service that provides unparalleled lightness and flexibility for the wearer. Gel-XTM has redefined the industry standard for beautiful nail extensions. 


  • French Manicure Gel-X™ Kit
    Experience French like you've never done it before. Aprés Nail's French Manicure Gel-X™ Kit introduces a new spin a design classic....

  • Everything you need to create flawless French nails is included in this comprehensive kit. Our revolutionary French Manicure Gel-X™ tips make drawing on the perfect smile line easier than ever. With six different smile guidelines, these Gel-X™ tips take French to a whole new level. With a bottle of our most popular Color Extend Gel shade, Carla, you will be able to lengthen the natural nail bed to fit any depth smile line. Get ready to experience French like you’ve never done it.

    -15ml Aprés pH Bonder
    -15ml Aprés Non-Acidic Gel Primer
    -15ml AprésColor Extend Gel Bottle Edition - Carla
    -15ml AprésFrench Manicure Gel - French White
    -White X-Lite
    -White 100/180 grit emery board 
    -Aprés white patent vegan leather case

  • Gel-X™ Nail Extension Kit
    The Aprés Gel-X™ Nail Extension Kit was created to give nail techs of all experience levels a fast, efficient way to create beautiful, durable extensions....

  • Our award-winning kit is the ultimate way to begin your Gel-X™ journey. After selecting the tips of your choice, everything you need to create a flawless application will be included in this comprehensive kit. Prepared with every tool necessary to become a master Gel-X™ artist, you will be well on your way to creating consistently flawless nail looks.


    - Your choice of Gel-X™ Tips

    -15ml Aprés pH Bonder

    -15ml Aprés Non-Acidic Gel Primer

    -15ml Aprés Soak Off Extend Gel bottle

    -15ml Aprés Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat

    -X-Lite LED light

    -100/180 grit emery board

    -Aprés black patent vegan leather case

  • Extend Gel - Bottle Edition
    This is the formula the Aprés family was built on....

  • Our signature Extend Gel is the linchpin to everything related to the Gel-XTM system. This revolutionary soft gel formula is used to help adhere our Gel-XTM extensions onto the natural nail. When applied correctly, our Extend Gel imparts both strength and flexibility while making it easy to create beautiful, long-lasting nails that are also easy to soak off and remove.

    If you want to know what Aprés is all about, try a bottle of Extend Gel and see what we’ve built our entire collection around.

  • Soft Gel Builder
    Gel-X Set refills now available with Aprés Nail's Soft Gel Builder...

  • With our Soft Gel Builder, you now have the freedom to extend the life of your Gel-X set with fills. This formula not only has the same durable yet flexible properties as our Gel-X tips but can also self-level and build beautifully, making the process of a Gel-X fill that much easier. And as with all of our soft gel products, Soft Gel Builder can be easily soaked off whenever you are ready! Prepare to now have even more control of your Gel-X tips!

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