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Ashlee Norman Hair - created by Ashlee Norman: Hairstylist, Independent Educator, Retailer of tools, apparel, hairstyling products, and Mother of two. Instagram @ashleenormanhair

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    Universal Level System Chart (Not Color Line Specific) with Underlining Pigments and Gray Precentages!

  • Universal Level System Chart (Not Color Line Specific) with Underlining Pigments and Gray Precentages!

    Consultation- Pictures are worth a thousand words and having a visual consultation tool will save you time trying to set resonable expectations with your clients! Diagnose their natural level and precentage of gray. Then compare it to their goal photos to help them understand what is achievable.

    Formulation- Open not tests are the best kind and having a formulation cheat sheet when doing a color correction can be a game changer. Having arrows and a color wheel right next to the level system gives you the exact answer as what to fill/cancel/ or enhance when formulating to darken/ lighten, or increase vibrancy.

    They’re HERE!!! I am beyond excited to launch these new shears!...

    • Handmade in Japan

    • Japanese Forged Powder Metal

      • Increased Strength

      • Thinner Sharper Edge - smaller molecules

      • Decreased Weight

    • Propeller Blade Design

      • Superior Dry / Point Cutting

      • Ability to Slice / Slide Cut

    • 1.5 mm Tip for Absolute Precision

    • Twisted Crane Handle Position

      • Better Ergonomics

      • Non- Compromised Cutting

    • Split Screw Washer Ball- Bearing

      • Smooth Glide Action

      • Exact Tension Setting

    • $45 Sharpening that includes shipping cost


    Foilayage Board for 5 inch x 16 inch foils...

  • I’ve Heard you! The Original and XL Babylight boards have been so popular because they are extra thin (made from metal instead of plastic like most Foilayage boards) for getting applications closer to the scalp. This New longer design is ideal for those who have clients with super long hair!

    Size: 5 x 16 inches

    *New* Extra Long Babylight Board for 5 inch x 11 inch foils...

  • *New* Extra Long Babylight Board - The Original Babylight foil board has been so popular for close to scalp applications using the traditional Reynolds foil sheet size! Now you can get the same super thin metal board for longer hair that fit the longer length Food Service Reynolds foil sheets!

    Size: 5 x 11 inches

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