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Imaging●Microneedling●StemCell Growth Factor Serum

Emage Medical® - An innovator in aesthetics since 2001

ImagePro® LE, Versa, and 3D skin imaging systems significantly increase consultation conversion rates.

CytoPen® is the industry's first medical grade battery and electric microneedling pen with a German motor, scalloped edges, and vented cartridges to produce superior penetration.

StemFacial®, a revolutionary breakthrough in the science of stem cell cytokine growth factors, is a system incorporating imaging, microneedling, and continuing skincare for a complete anti-aging solution.

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Brands: ImagePro® LE ● ImagePro® Versa ● ImagePro® 3D ● CytoPen® ● StemFacial®

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  • (Sep 04, 2019)
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  • CytoPen®
    Industry’s first electric & battery operated micro-needling device
    12-needle ported tips, scalloped edges, 33-gauge needles
    Aluminum housing, German motor
    Adjustable depth & speed
    Quiet operation
    Optimal absorption of products
    Self-contained cartridges

  • Emage Medical®, a recognized leader in providing advanced technology to professional aesthetic practice offers the CytoPen®, a patented micro-needle device. CytoPen® is the industry’s first dual electric and battery operated micro-needling device. The best of both worlds!

    Scalloped distal edge prevents the squeegee effect, resulting in superior serum infusion. CytoPen® tips are vented to prevent a vacuum when the tips retract, promoting precise penetration, not skin infusion.

    CytoPen® utilizes disposable sterile needling cartridges and provides easy “click to adjust” control of both needle penetration and oscillation speed.

    The electrical and mechanical components of the device are sealed from possible cross contamination by blood or topically applied products.  Removal and replacement of disposable needling cartridges is fast, with a secure lock feature that prevents inadvertent dislodgement during treatment.

  • StemFacial®
    The Industry's Most Effective Stem Cell Growth Factor Skin Rejuvenation System...

  • Developed by physician scientists, the major active ingredients in StemFacial® are produced through laboratory culture of the specific human stem cell cytokine growth factors proven to be responsible for command and control of healing throughout the body.

    The stem cell bio signals are only the beginning of what sets StemFacial® apart from other anti-aging skincare products. The actives include peptides, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and more, each scientifically engineered to work in conjunction with CytoPen® microneedling.

  • ImagePro LE®
    Emage Medical, skin imaging pioneers since 2005, present an affordable, high-quality skin health analysis system....

  • The ImagePro® LE allows you to:

    • Examine targeted areas under intense magnification in normal, polarized, and UV light
    • Create multiple, high-quality views of the face
    • Map, measure and analyze fine lines, pigmentation and vascularity
    • Evaluate skin tone and texture
    • Review comparative graphical analysis
    • Provide consistent, high-quality images
    • Produce and archive assessment reports with notes
  • ImagePro® 3D
    Emage Medical presents its latest skin imaging system.

    Convert more consultations into repeat patients!...

  • Emage Medical, a skin imaging pioneer since 2005, presents its latest development in 3 dimensional skin health analysis.

    • Improves consultation effectivenessDocumented, unbiased advice leads to more bookings
    • Intense magnification in normal, polarized, and UV lightEducate patients on solutions
    • High resolution 3D technologyShows patients detailed condition of their skin
    • Uncover future problem areasRecommend preventative procedures
    • Morphing technologyShow how treatments will improve their skin
    • Print your practice’s solutions for individual patientsSignificantly increase your revenue
    • Produces a QR codePatients can view their analysis from their mobile phone
    • Generate more proceduresKeep treatment rooms busy
    • Increase patient satisfactionThey can see the results of their treatments
    • No software maintenance fees
    • 3 year warranty
    • Best value
    • Immediate ROI
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