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Puerto Rico
  • Booth: 835

Patent Pending CBD/CBG Skincare Formulas

Patent pending CBG/CBD infused proprietary medicinally and age reduction formulas. We Do It Naturally without dangerous chemicals and synthetics!

Brands: Abeytu’Naturals

 Show Specials

  • Try our topical foot/hand/nail/skin Natural fungal solutions cream for those thick cracked heels and hands, candida or other fungal nail and skin infections. Retails $75/jar, show special $55/jar. Great upswell to any salon mani or pedi svc
  • Purchase CV Well Cellular Age Defying Tincture ($95) get our brand new Rejuvenation Cream for  40% off! An Anti Aging Combo you wont regret! Savings of $30!

 Press Releases

  • Abeytu' Naturals Product Line brings a new patent pending twist on cellular aging. President and Chief Scientific Officer Maria Crisler, CLS(NCA)MBA/HCM brings her 20 years of medical research and experience with microbes, cells, and pathology to the industry to revolutionize the way we address all aspects of aging(metabolic, immune, liver, kidney). 
    Dr. Emma DiPonio Chief Medical Officer; brings her 20 years of vascular medical specialty knowledge and clinical identification of pathology at a macroscopic level to the company's vision to perfect safe solutions for access to prevention and treatment. 
    Together this duo have unlocked the keys to a functional healthy immune response, and demonstrate everyday how powerful it can look and feel on a micro/macroscopic level when the breakdown at the cellular level is addressed. Stop by and speak directly to the President of this company /line, you won't want to pass up this valuable information and their amazing products. 
  • Abeytu' Naturals Patent Pending Products are the first natural solution to addressing aging using the immune response at the cellular level. Stop by booth 835 at the IECSC in Las Vegas for an opportunity to sit in and listen to our President and Chief Scientific Officer tell you about how they did it and why it matters to you. When you leave you too will understand why Plants Do It Better!


  • CV Well
    Patent Pending Delivery system and proprietary blend of cellular micronutrients that help the body battle cellular aging and its many affects....

  • All in one patent pending cellular fountain of youth formulation to assist with: 
    Neutralizing Reactive oxygen species  
    Symptoms related to Herpes Simplex/Zoster, hyper/hypoglycemia, Anxiety, Bacterial & Viral Infections, & Auto Immune Dependent Skin Reactions
  • Abeytu' Naturals Intimates Cream
    Patent Pending Formulation/Delivery System to address discomfort and other symptoms related to wounds, Herpes Simplex(oral/genital), Herpes Zoster(shingles), abnormal immune related skin conditions....

  • Natural Effective formulation containing 5 different ingredients to address cellular breakdown and immune dysfunction. We go to the source of the problem and help provide immune support while applying that bandaid for discomfort.  Customers are raving at the effectiveness and speed at which they are seeing results. Stop by our booth and witness the evidence of the powerful immune system when it is nourished.  
  • Abeytu' Naturals Fungal Solutions Cream
    Fungal Hands, Foot, Nail Cream formulated with our Diabetics and Elderly in mind. Any salon, medspa where mani and pedicures are offered will benefit from this product....

  • Patent Pending Formulation/Delivery system.  We use a combination of Cannabigerol and Cannabidiol, along with the perfect blend of 3 propreitary ingredients to address symptoms related to nail and skin conditions caused by candida and other fungal organisms.  Our clients love the speed at which cellular turnover takes place. Reducing the fungal and oxidative damage to this system is imperative. Abeytu' Fungal Solutions Cream addresses damage and prevention as it is related to nail and skin abnormalities.
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