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Botanical Skincare & Body Sugaring Education

We believe in Eco-Friendly and Sustainable practices. Formulating pure, essential products and providing the best education. We provide each product with a lot of thought and care. Small business is our jam... natural goodness is our game. Formulation, Education and Ohana is what we live for.

Brands: Ke Ko is an award winning, eco-friendly, organic and botanical skincare company. We'll be offering body sugaring and skin ritual demos, a hands-on class, and presenting our Reef to Leaf Project!

 Press Releases

  • In the attempt to further promote positive and sustainable practices, Ke Kō Sugaring Professionals now Ke Kō Botanicals launches their new re-branded packaging and designs. 

    Ke Kō has always been known for their beautiful style, natural products used by the whole family and their love for body sugaring. Really finding their niche in the industry and wildly promoting their love for sustainable eco-friendly practices, creating the foundation of their Reef to Leaf Project and giving every professional the opportunity to partake. 


    Launching ALL glass packaging with refills available made from recyclable, compostable and even biodergrable material. Check out the line at the show!

    "We grew so fast these last three years that we could barely keep up. COVID gave us the opportunity to catch up and work on our visions of where each branch of our company is heading. Our team has strengthened in numbers and with our new rebranding, updated website, and merging our Pro and Consumer line, we are finally ready to show Ke Kō off"

    ~ Karin C Noll | Founder & Formulator


    What does Ke Kō Currently Offer???

    Ke Kō's Education Department is strong and extremely dedicated to individuals. Focused on each student and are 100% dedicated to each and everyone of them. Ke Kō's classes are not the puppy mill of Sugarists. Each student is held to the highest standards to ensure success and client satisfaction. 

    A "Professional Body Sugaring Backbar Collection"  Ke Kō Formulates all their paste in house and most of their botanical products as well. You can trust backbar to be the purest on the market and meant for even the most sensitive of clients. The Sugar Hair Removal paste is based on an old recipe containing sugar, lemon and water. The product is 100% natural with no chemical additives whatsoever and of course no testing on animals!


    The re-branded/formulated body sugaring "Aloha Collection" will enhance the customers experience between sugaring services, enabling today's Sugaring Professional to provide the most natural and effective solutions on the market.


    The award winning "Ko'a Collection" has been updated with all the latest FDA labeling requirements and is absoluelty loved by the whole family.

    ORGANIC Pure Sun Protection

    EWG rated #1 sunscreen for you and your whole family. FDA approved ingredients for babies under 6 months of age. • Broad spectrum • Non-nano Zinc • Fair Trade • Non-GMO REEF SAFE • FREE of chemicals, phthalates, gluten, parabens, sulfates, dairy and never tested on animals!


    The "Reef to Leaf Project" is stepping into Phase 2 and launching their Certification Program.... Stay tuned for announcement!

    Come check us out at booth 524 and don't miss out on all the goodness. You'll even be the first to experience our newest release!!!

    Sneak peak at Las Vegas ONLY! Our first ever Debut of the "Pualani Collection" Our first ever botanical, tropical scented body line including body butter,  body lotion, body oil, scrub, bath soaks, and a few other favorites.... Choose your favorite and be the first to supply your clients with this quenching goodness!

    For more Ke Kō Botanicals information and goodness please visit


  • Body Sugaring Certification Course
    Add Sugaring to your Menu! Our comprehensive sugar classes will go over the didactics of sugaring hair removal, products, maintenance and more. Hands on classes to help guide you in becoming the Sugarist that you are!...

  • Add Body Sugaring to your service menu today! You’ll find not only our online course, but our regularly scheduled classes all over the world, led by our highly qualified instructors. Looking for a different day or class type near you? We also offer individual and tailored classes upon request, just contact us!

    As an added bonus for our in-person courses, you will have access to our online course and tutoring sessions. Just like our online students, you’ll be able to go one-on-one with our Director of Education for additional tips, tricks, and resources to master the art of sugaring.


    Essentials 1 Day Plus+

  • Aloha Rituals Collection
    Send your clients home with a little Aloha Ritual. Our Collection ensures your client is taken care of in between sugaring services. Keeping their skin calm, hydrated, exfoliated, smooth and glowing!...

  • Our Botanical all natural and organic "Aloha Collection" comes with a daily ritual luffa bar, weekly ritual exfoliation scrub, calming ritual face & body oil and a soft body brush for anytime use. Help keep your skin calm, exfoliated, hydrated and glowing between sugaring sessions or just good ritual skincare!~
  • Ko'a Organic Suncare
    EWG rated #1 Organic Non Nano Zinc formula. Reef and environmentally safe too. UVA / UVB Protection. Fragrance Free, and more......


    ORGANIC Pure Sun Protection

  • Professional Sugaring Backbar
    Botanical Backbar with natural and organic ingredients is what we live for! Backbar to help your service succeed is a must! Backbar for even the most sensitive of skin types is even more important......

  • We formulate all our paste in house and most of our botanical products as well. You can trust our backbar to be the purest on the market and meant for even the most sensitive of clients. Our Sugar Hair Removal paste is based on an old recipe containing sugar, lemon juice and water. The product is 100% natural with no chemical additives whatsoever, no bone char, no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects. If we don't have what we're looking for... we'll make it!

    Check out our Eco-friendly packaging, practices and how easy it is to refill and make your salon an Eco-friendly heaven for your clients!

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