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Activate Your Body's Own Stem Cells!

We offer proven, patented products that regenerate the body using photobiomodulation.  Our non-invasive technology uses patches to be worn on the skin.  These transmit no substances into the body - only highly researched frequencies and patterns of light.  We have 70 patents granted to date.  


LifeWave X39 - Stem Cell Activation
This Is LifeWave


  • X39
    Safe, Natural, Non-Invasive, Drug-Free And Affordable.
    The Power Of Your Stem Cells – Repairing From The Inside...

  • The first product ever that is designed to Activate your body’s own stem cells. How does X39 accomplish this?

    Using our proprietary and patented form of phototherapy, X39 elevates the peptide GHK-Cu. This is a naturally occurring peptide in your body that declines significantly with age. In fact, after the age of 60 your levels of GHK-Cu have dropped by more than 60%. 

    LifeWave X39 Stem Cell Patches
     Clinical Studies on GHK-Cu Have Determined Some Remarkable Benefits
    Independent third-party clinical studies on GHK-Cu have determined some remarkable benefits including support of the body’s natural wound healing process. Perhaps even more remarkably, GHK-Cu resets the genes in the body to a younger healthier state. In initial clinical work performed by Dr. Loren Pickart, Dr. Pickart discovered that old liver cells, when exposed to GHK-Cu, started to function like younger healthier cells!

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