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Say hello to the cleanest mascara you’ve ever met

Our unique formulas are leveling up mascara. All our products are always vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free, beeswax free, paraffin free, and we are Certified Plastic Neutral.

Our display kits have a small footprint and our packaging is practically irresistible. Stop by and see!

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  • Order on the show floor or vitural booth, and get our best pricing! Our beautiful disply kits are just $199 with code VEGAS21 (reg $240)  and $349 with code VEGAS777 (reg $454).

    You can stop by and order on your own phone, or purchase online at It takes just minutes and we accept all debit and credit cards in safe, online transactions.

    Kit refills are available at up to 60% off retail and have no minimun product quantities. We make it easy for you to help the world switch to clean mascara. : )

 Press Releases

  • TEMPE, Ariz., May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- My Little Mascara Club is raising the bar in mascara with its ultra clean formulation that was awarded the highest possible clean rating by Think Dirty. Mascara has long been strangely accepted by the general public as a highly chemical cosmetic. A few years ago Christie Kerner, the founder of My Little Mascara Club, set out to see if it really had to be that way.

    Fast-forward to today, My Little Mascara Club's game changing mascara on subscription is shaking up the mascara category with their dedication to clean ingredients at an affordable price. All products within the line exceed Whole Foods' Beyond Clean Beauty standards and the company is officially Certified Plastic Neutral. Their flagship mascara, the Length + Definition Formula, was awarded the highest possible clean rating, 0 on a scale of 0-10, by Think Dirty®. Yet their mascara starts at just $9.

    The Think Dirty app, which was recently featured as the Apple® App of the Day, objectively reviews how clean or "dirty" the ingredients are in over 1.7 million products. Since they launched in 2013, the app has helped users to decipher the complicated ingredient labels on the products they use every day so they can make safer choices and avoid putting their health at risk through the use of toxic products.

    "I was floored when I discovered that the top selling mascara products in the US have incredibly poor clean beauty rankings," said Kerner after seeing that L'Oreal's Volumious® mascara was graded at 8 (10 being the worst ranking possible) and Maybelline's Great Lash® mascara got a 9. "Millions of women still use these legacy mascara products that were developed before todays' health standards became the norm, but I get it – many newer mascara products have simply struggled to perform like these classic beauties. That's why I spent years working to create a mascara that was not only ultra-clean, it also WORKS. Our fans tell us we hit the nail on the head with our seriously smudge proof formula, but I was beyond delighted when we were also recognized with the coveted Zero Dirty rating by Think Dirty."

    Creating a mascara that could perform well and have incredibly clean ingredients is clearly no easy feat. Thrive Causemetics®, a newer brand of mascara with a strong cult following, made huge strides toward upgrading mascara to be clean when they released a mascara that has a grade of 5 out of 10 by Think Dirty. My Little Mascara Club's Zero Dirty ranking is an incredible step forward for mascara.

    My Little Mascara Club's commitment to being a premium, quality product at a low price point is also of note. The host of the Clean Beauty Podcast, Cassandra McClure, comments: "As a long-time makeup artist and dedicated clean beauty enthusiast I have been waiting to find a truly clean mascara that I could love. My Little Mascara Club did it, and I'm thrilled. The fact that it starts at $9 makes it a no-brainer for every makeup artist and daily mascara user."

    About My Little Mascara Club
    With a mission to help others feel better about themselves and life, My Little Mascara Club is committed to deliver fresh mascara and moments of happy to busy women everywhere. In addition to providing innovative, clean mascara products, they provide tips and inspiration to help others live their best, most happy, life.


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  • THE BEST LITTLE MASCARA EVER: length + definition
    Ultra clean mascara formulated with over 90% natural ingredients. Seriously smudge proof but easy to remove with just warm water. Exclusively available in mini size: stays fresh, safe, and clump-free.

  • THE BEST LITTLE MASCARA EVER | length + definition formula


    - formulated with over 90% natural ingredients
    - all ingredients exceed Whole Foods’ “Beyond Clean Beauty” standards
    - seriously smudge proof but easy to remove
    - uniquely curved brush lifts and separates lashes
    - exclusively available in mini size: stays fresh, safe, and clump-free


    With over 90% natural ingredients [that's practically unheard of in a mascara!] this is a lengthening mascara you, and your lashes, will love. It's smear proof, sweat proof, smudge proof, and budge proof, yet removes with just water. Like magic, we know!


    • Plant-based Squalane to naturally strengthen lashes and protect against breakage, resulting in longer, stronger lashes
    • Powerful Candelilla Wax for extra smudge proof staying power without harsh removal
    • Restorative Palm Oil to prevent moisture loss and fight free radical damage


    This mascara offers a classic, natural look that is perfect for everyday wear. Especially loved by those who need a boost of length, those who prefer a mascara with an incredible ratio of natural ingredients, and those who find their mascara “migrates” too much (flakes, streaks, sweats off, etc) since it has unbelievable staying power – without the hazards of being a waterproof formula.

    Amazingly, it still comes off with just 15 seconds underwater and a light massage in the shower. Because it dissolves differently from other mascaras, wearers enjoy no raccoon eyes, ever!

    Makeup artists compare the experience to that of their #1 mascara staple, Maybelline Great Lash®, for its more wet consistency, its dark black color, and its ability to bond quickly with lashes.

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    A. Ever notice that you throw out your mascara because it's dry, nasty, clumpy, and unusable - not because it's empty?  Our little bottle provides the right amount needed so you always have fresh, safe mascara to use, and none goes to waste.


    A. It's time for beauty products to work well AND be good for you + the planet. We invested years to ensure ours could do it all. We didn't stop at being 100% vegan + cruelty-free. Whole Foods publishes a "Beyond Clean Beauty" standard to clearly define best-in-class clean ingredient guidelines, and all our products exceed their standards.  Plus, we are certified plastic neutral so you can feel good about using a mascara that you love.

    Get our best selling ultra clean mascaras + remover products in an irresistible display kit. SHOW SPECIAL: $199 with code VEGAS21...



    - (9) length + definition mascara: MSRP $15
    - (9) volume + curl mascara: MSRP $12
    - (8) FRESH micellar water: MSRP $12
    - (8) 2pk ERASE wipes: MSRP $8
    - product signage
    - acrylic holder (10.5” x 9.25”)

    RETAIL VALUE: $403


    (1-9): $240

    (10+): $215

    SHOW SPECIAL: $199 with code VEGAS21

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    Get our best selling ultra clean mascaras in a cute little display kit that fits anywhere. SHOW SPECIAL: $349 with code VEGAS777...



    - (28) length + definition mascara: MSRP $15
    - (28) volume + curl mascara: MSRP $12
    - product signage
    - acrylic holder (10.25” x 6.25”)

    RETAIL VALUE: $756


    (1-9): $453.60

    (10+): $415.80

    SHOW SPECIAL: $349 with code VEGAS777

    Order here!

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