SKN H2O: Rethink What You Drink

Walnut Creek ,  CA 
United States
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Premium Antioxidant Sparkling Water infused with Resveratrol

Premium sparkling water infused with Resveratrol, a plant compound found in wine and known throughout the centuries for its revitalizing antioxidant properties. Give yourself daily protection from the Oxidative Stress, caused by Free Radical damage. Experience the Evolution of Hydration.


SKN H2O "Rethink What You Drink"


  • SKN H2O Sparkling Water ORIGINAL
    Premium sparkling water featuring a blend of fine carbonation and a pure crisp taste. Treat yourself to a premium and luxurious experience with SKN H2O ORIGINAL bubbles....

    • Perfect Beverage for your Clients, in Pandemic times.

    • Complete your client's skincare regimen:   Skin Treatment + SKN H2O = Complete Skincare.

    • Great Add-On to your services.

    • Infused with Resveratrol, one of the most potent Antioxidants

    • Fine carbonation, designed for a premium drinking experience.

    • Extra source of Income.

    • 100% Recyclable aluminum can. 

  • SKN H2O Sparkling Water ORGANIC LEMON
    SKN H2O Organic Lemon Sparkling Water is an amazing experience in a can. Featuring a refreshing ORGANIC LEMON taste, along with antioxidants, Skincare, and Cognitive benefits of infused Resveratrol, that leaves you wanting more....

    • Perfect Beverage for your Clients, in Pandemic times.
    • Complete your client's skincare regimen:   Skin Treatment + SKN H2O = Complete Skincare.
    • Great Add-On to your services.
    • Infused with Resveratrol.
    • Fine carbonation, designed for a premium drinking experience.
    • Organic Lemon Flavor.
    • Extra source of Income.
    • 100% Recyclable aluminum can. 
  • AsHr Hand Sanitizer Mist
    AsHr Hand Sanitizer is our premium sanitizer mist, made of refined Alcohol and a blend of 6 essential oils. Along with protection, it nourishes and moisturizes your hands with out any chemical smell....

    • Refined Alcohol : No chemical smell. 60% strength.
    • Moisturizer : No harsh chemicals, No dry skin. Our blend of 6 essential oils mositurizes as well as nourishes skin even after  multiple uses.
    • Premium Packaging: AsHr Sanitizer mist comes in an Eco-friendly glass container with bamboo lid.
    • Travel Size: Perfect for your next Air travel
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