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Distributors of Premium Body Remodeling Equipment

Skin Science Solutions is the exclusive US distributor of the Pagani Cryo T Shock, STAR T Shock with static pads and STAR Lymphactive Pressotherapy as well as the icoone roboderm cellulite reduction / silhouette remodeling system.  All of these products are supported by world class training as well as technical, aesthetic and marketing support.

Brands: Skin Science Solutions introduces the Pagani STAR T Shock with static pads and the new Icoone Roboderm. These non-invasive technologies deliver maximum results with no client discomfort.


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  • Skin Science Solutions is the exclusive North American distributor of icoone Roboderm, a non-invasive technology for cellulite reduction and body remodeling, rejuvenating and toning aging tissue, and optimizing lymphatic drainage.

    The upgraded Icoone features Roboderm, a patented noninvasive technology that combines independent motorized microstimulators with LED and laser and non-laser options that stimulates connective tissue to treat skin blemishes and other flaws. In addition, icoone can lift, massage and stimulate connective tissue to minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks while draining excess fluids and firming skin. It can also be used on the face, neck, cleavage, outline of face, eyes, lips, expression lines and deep wrinkles.

    An operator can address each client by simultaneously employing both hands which expedites the session.  Treatments can be performed daily to accelerate results. 

    Skin Science Solutions is also the exclusive US distributor for the Pagani line of T Shock and STAR products which include the Cryo T Shock, the STAR T Shock with static pads and STAR Lymphactive Pressotherpy.  The additon of icoone adds an industry leading non-invasive technology to the Skin Science Solutions roster.  


  • Pagani STAR T Shock with static pads
    The STAR T Shock with static pads is the most advanced thermal shock device in the aesthetics market. In addition to four static pads for automated fat and cellulite reduction the STAR comes equipped with a 50mm body wand and a 32 mm facial wand....

  • 2021 STAR T Shock with static pads includes:  A highly stylized, backlit trolley; 4 static pads; a 50mm body wand with an offset handle; a 32mm facial wand; Adicell thermographic imaging film; a two year warranty; POS and social media marketing support, and: training by the only certified Pagani trainers in North America, 
  • STAR Lymphactive Pressotherapy
    The natural answer to optimize drainage and enhance recovery, STAR Lymphactive is the most advanced lymphatic drainage device available in the market today. Through sequential presso-massage, Lymphactive quickly eliminates trapped toxins and waste....

  • The STAR is an advanced Pressotherapy suit which can be used to: 
    • facilitate lymphatic drainage
    • expedite athletic recovery
    • assist clients suffering from lymphedema and edema
    • perform a relaxing massage
    • lessen the effects of cellulite
    • improving circulation
    • improving muscle tone 
    Here's a snapshot of what STAR Lymphactive comes with.
    • Lower Body Suit - Feet, legs, abdomen
    • Upper Body Suit
    • 12 pre-set programs
    • Manual mode which allows you to create custom programs
    • Client data storage so you can enter each client and keep a moving history of each treatment
    • 2 year warranty on the main operating housing
    • On-premise and social media marketing support

  • icoone roboderm
    The ultimate non-invasive technology for cellulite reduction and silhouette remodeling. icoone employs a patented roboderm technology to reach the deepest tissue, yet gentle enough to use daily. icoone delivers exceptional results for face and body.


  • The icoone® range includes two models – Beauty and Medical – each available with or without LED and laser light sources, whose action, combined with microstimulation, allows for quicker and more targeted treatment of specific areas of the body. This way, results are faster and longer-lasting, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.  Moreover, icoone® treatments contribute to the production of new collagen and to the maintenance of tissue tone, so as to avoid the classic “sagging effect” typical of other treatments. icoone® is a non-invasive, painless and 100% natural technology. It can be used every day even on the most delicate and damaged skin, and can be used to treat even the most sensitive and vulnerable areas such as eyes, lip area, cleavage, neckline, neck, inner arms and thighs, knees and ankles.

    The new icoone® devices boast even higher performing technology, 11 handpieces to offer even more customised and targeted treatments, especially for the face and the more sensitive areas of the body. Modern and compact, the ergonomic design is flanked by completely new software offering a wide range of programs for both men and women and a user-friendly interface. This includes a detailed help function in several languages to guide the operator in the most functional and comfortable use of the handpieces.

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