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Stop wasting beer!

Brands: BLMQ Technology when installed on a draft beer lines means that bi-weekly cleaning is a thing of the past. A new 8-weekly cleaning cycle is the future to minimize beer wastage.

 Press Releases

  • DRAFT BEER OPTIMIZATION – Reduce your beer wastage

    When a draft beer establishment buys a keg of beer, its sole purpose it to sell as much beer out of that keg for maximum profit!

    But when draft beer lines are cleaned bi-weekly a percentage of every keg is wasted reducing the ability to gain maximum profit from every ounce of beer in each keg.

    Enter the BLMQ Technology

    BIOQTECH USA provides the BLMQ Technology that when installed on draft beer systems, introduces a new 8-week rotating beer line cleaning cycle.

    The technology transmits a signal into the beer line which retards the growth of beer spoilage biofilm, thereby keeping beer lines cleaner for longer periods of time.

    With cleaner beer lines, the need to bi-weekly clean lines is negated and a new 8-week cycle is implemented.

    The savings in beer wastage is minimum 75% from the normal bi-weekly cleaning cycle and what beer is saved, can be sold to increase the bottom line for all draft beer establishments.

    Industry respected restaurant groups like YardHouse Restaurants, Topgolf and Buffalo Wild Wings are today all enjoying the benefits of the BLMQ Technology.


  • BLMQ - Beer Line Maintenance
    The BLMQ is a device that stops the need to clean draft beer lines bi-weekly. With a new 8-week cleaning cycle, every establishment that serves draft beer can now sell the normally wasted beer for extra profit.


  • The BLMQ is a device consisting of a Control Unit which generates a series of composite audio signals that are connected to 4 separate transponders.  

    The transponders transmit an audio composite signal into the beer line which travels the length of the beer line using the medium of beer (which is predominantly water) from keg to faucet 

    The signal has the ability to retard the growth of beer spoilage bacteria and biofilm, thereby reducing the need to clean the beer lines bi-weekly. 

    The result is a new cleaning cycle of 8-weeks, which allows the accounts to now sell more beer per keg because less beer is wasted.

    Each Control Unit has the ability to look after 4 separate beer lines via 4 Transponders.

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