Dee's Nuts and Snacks

Jacksonville,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1629

Are you ready to have your TASTED BUDS TANTALIZED!

The wait is over!! Our 4oz snack packs are here. The bags currently come in the following 4 flavors; Dill Pickle, Cool Ranch & Sriracha,Strawberry PBJ & Banana Pudding.  Stop by booth 1629 for a FREE SAMPLE!

 Press Releases

  • Tired of the same old bland tasting peanuts with packaging that has limited shelf life? We’ve successfully combined a fun, vibrant marketing strategy with incredibly flavorful peanuts and we’re having a blast! Some are calling us the “Jelly Belly” of the Peanut industry.

    Dee’s Nuts uses powder based seasonings to create our unique & delicious flavored peanuts. This also is a big reason why our flavors taste exactly like they are marketed. Not to mention, because we use powder based seasonings, our peanuts are low in carbs and sugars! “Keto” friendly folks love snacking on Dee’s Nuts too! Even the sweet flavored ones!

    Our roasters maintain a rigorous testing schedule to ensure the highest quality on the market at all times. NOT that it will take this long, however, Dee’s Nuts cans and bags have a 12 month shelve life.

    We offer 6 mouthwatering flavors that come in a 10oz can and a 4oz “snack pack” bag.

    Dill Pickle: They tell us this one is a Big Dill! It’s a powerful twist of salt, vinegar, onion, garlic and dill (available in 10oz can & 4oz bag)

    Cool Ranch & Sriracha: Fire up your tastebuds with a spark of sriracha & cool ranch (available in 10oz can & 4oz bag)

    Banana Pudding: Channel your inner Elvis with the sweet flavors of creamy vanilla & banana. This one will change your life!

    Sweet Southern BBQ: Southern flavored sweet & smoky barbecue that will have your tastebuds doing backflips!

    Pizza: The perfect medley of zesty tomato, mozzarella & Italian spices. Pizza without the guilt!

    Strawberry PB&J: Honey roasted peanut butter & strawberry jelly

    We've cultivated an ever growing social media following and use it to not only help build our brand, but also to help drive foot traffic into our retail locations with targeted posts. We also share a variety of content from our own funny memes, different dishes to add our peanuts on and the day to day grind of building the Dee's Nuts brand.

    We’re having success, using Mackoul Distributors, in retail stores like ABC Fine Wine & Liquor stores. We also retail in big box locations like Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, AndThat! and gift stores all over the country... and we are just getting started! Now we are ready to bring Dee's Nuts to the Bar scene nationwide!

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