Hot Tamn's  

Torrington,  WY 
United States
  • Booth: 1357

We put heat in candy, snacks, honey and mustard! Booth 1357

Hot Tamn's is a small Wyoming company that prides itself in genuine, quality products made with fresh ingredients, without artificial preservatives or fillers. Hot Tamn's line of hot sauce has been named Wyoming's Best and was featured at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2019.  At this market Tam will spotlight her other products that enjoy hot pepper lovin'.

Hot Tamn's will feature three types of caramels: some with serrano for a mild spice note, others with cayenne for a full mouth heat, and then chocolate with habanero love to get your attention.  Peanut Crunch, the Hot Tamn version of peanut brittle, is crunchy and peanuty and has a dash of habanero.

Crackers and pretzels have a variety of heat levels and are baked fresh in the Hot Tamn's kitchen. Perfect for soups, salads, breading, and snacking.

Local honey infused with habanero is the secret behind Hot Tamn's Hot Honey.  The uses for this are only limited by your imagination.

MAXX Mustard starts with three types of dry mustard seed that are soaked in Jose Cuervo and apple cider vinegar.  It makes them happy!  Once the seeds are delighted, they are blended with a variety of peppers for a unique flavor you can't resist.

Brands: Hot Tamn's: Caramels w/ serrano and sea salt, Cayenne Caramels, Chocolate Caramels w/ habanero, Peanut Crunch w/ habanero, Hot Honey, MAXX Mustard, Jalapeno crackers, Serrano Crackers, Habanero Crackers & Jalapeno Pretzels.


  • Hot Tamn's Candy
    Every product is created in small batches with fresh and quality ingredients....

    Caramels with Serrano and Sea Salt
    Delicious creamy soft caramel made with real butter and real cream. We put dehydrated Serrano peppers in at the last minute to give the back of your mouth a little surprise. Hints of sea salt finish the treat....

    Cayenne Caramels

    Our beautiful caramels, made with real butter and real caramel, provides a full mouth heat thanks to cayenne peppers that love to play with your taste buds....
    Chocolate Caramels with Habanero
    Creamy chocolate caramels are infused with habanero peppers and finished with sea salt. Bettcha can't eat just one!...

    Peanut Crunch

    Dehydrated habanero peppers are mixed in at the last moment to give heat to this crunchy candy. It's totally possible you will eat this bag in one sitting.

  • Hot Honey & MAXX Mustard
    Hot Honey only contains honey and habanero. Pure goodness!

    MAXX Mustard is made with love and passion for every mustard lover - and converts others to the tribe....

  • Raw, unfiltered, Wyoming honey lovin' on the fire of habanero. Use on toast, biscuits, in granola and caramel popcorn, as a meat glaze, a dip, or in a BBQ sauce... Oh, for the love of everything sweet-hot... Hot Honey is wonderful!
    We start with yellow, brown and black mustard seeds and soak them in Jose Cuervo (they like that) and apple cider vinegar.  Then, we give them some spicy love.  mmmmmmmm.....  You're going to make up ways to use this!

  • Crackers and Pretzels
    Baked fresh with different spice levels: jalapeno, serrano & habanero. So good alone or in soup, salad, or crushed as a breading....

  • Jalapeno Crackers

    Oyster crackers lovin' on some Hot Tamn's Jalapeno Seasoning give this snack a crazy good flavor that you'll want to eat again and again.