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Think it sensitive. Make it smart.

Sensing Tex is a company specialized in developing end-to-end solutions by processing the Big Data obtained from pressure maps with advanced algorithms using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Sensing Mat Platform is based on the patented Pressure Mapping technology from Sensing Tex, a unique end-to-end system which provides customizable stretchable sensors to adapt to your specific applications within Healthcare, Wellness and Sports and becomes an extremely cost-effective approach for B2B and mass market product development. Ideal for obtaining very detailed pressure mapping and for the best presence sensors.

Each platform (Switch, Pressure, Fitness, Flooring and Bedding) allows the user to measure pressure from different points of view: Movement Analysis, Ulcer Prevention, Postural and Presence Detection, Gait Analysis, Capacity planning and Biosignals Tracking among other magnitudes.

Brands: Sensing Mat


  • Mattress Mat Dev Kit
    The Bedding Mat Platform based on pressure sensors, turn a standard mattress into a smart bed.
    It can be used in healthcare apps as Pressure Ulcer Prevention or as a Point of Sales System to recommend the best mattress to fulfill customer sleeping needs....

  • Bedding Mat Platform: based on pressure sensors, turn a standard mattress into a smart bed to recognize risk patterns and provide ulcer or position prevention. 

    The Bedding Mat Platform is a smart matress solution suitable ecosystem developed for multiple applications for body pressure mapping in bed. It can be used in health and wellness bedding applications, such as pressure ulcer prevention, measure and monitor patient position, evaluate patient comfort, identify pressure on risk areas and measure the position for wellness purposes among other applications as a Point of Sales System to recommend the most suitable composition of a mattress to fulfill customer sleeping needs.

    The main application of this pressure mapping Mattress Mat is to prevent ulcers for people with reduced mobility. The sensor mat allows the detection of non-uniform pressures in certain mattress surface, overtime resulting in skin ulcers. An accurate monitoring of the pressure mapping will allow alarms to be generated to reduce the risk due to large periods of pressure in certain parts of the human body. All bed-bound and chair-bound people or those who have impaired ability to reposition easily may have a high risk of pressure ulcers.

    The Mattress Mat Dev Kit monitors pressure points within the body that are sensitive to ulcers, specifically to the sacrum, ischium, trochanters, heels, elbows and the back of the head.

    Main Features

    1. Sensing Mat features 
    A. Size and Topology Features 

    Overall Size [mm] [L x W] 1980 x 1200
    Sensing Area [mm] [L x W] 1800 x 900
    Number of Sensels 1152
    Topology [R x C x #]² 16 x 12 x 6
    Horizontal & Vertical Resolution [mm] 37.5
    Sensor Shape and Size [mm] Round 22.5 diameter
    #Sensor Modules 06

    Sensor Module Matrix [C x R] 12 x 16
    Sensor Module Size [mm] 570 x 672


    B. Pressure Sensing Features

    Linearity Yes Conductance vs Pressure (2 curves)
    Hysteresis 12%
    Repeatability <8%
    Raising Time <5%
    Precision 8%
    Drift <12% Model for Correction
    Pressure Range 5-350 mmHg

    2. Textile cover features

    Mass PES [g/m2] 180 [+/-10] ISO 3801/5 1977
    Coating mass PU [g/cm2] 75 [+/-5] ISO 3801/5 1977
    Water resistence before washability Ok: 2000 mm ISO 811 1981
    Water resistence after washability Ok: 2000 mm ISO 811 1981
    Inflammability [Crib 5] Ok BS 7175 1989
    Breathability [g/m2] 400 g/m2/24h 37oC/65%HR
    Mold and mildew resistence Ok

    . Electronic hardware features

    A/C circuit With module multiplexing for Cross-talk reduction and fast processing

    Windows and Android compatible Yes
    Connectivity Bluetooth Classic Class II + USB
    Resolution 12 bits
    Scanning frequency [Hz] Up to 8
    Battery No

    4.Software & Firmware system
    Demo software to see pressure mapping in real time

    CSV exportation data
    Real-time pressure maps recording and display.
    Graphical display of variables.
    Demo code for developers.
    Easy-to-use software.
    Software gives independent pressure values for each sensor pixel, without cross-talk affectation.
    Software for Windows.

    5.Sensor mat diagram

    Matrix: 24 x 48
    Distance between sensors centres: 37,5 mm
    Single sensor diameter: 22,6 mm

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