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We are Calumino: experts in smart thermal sensing solutions.

Calumino have developed the latest in thermal sensing technology for mass-market applications. Our Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS) is a completely novel 36x16 pixel thermal sensor with unparalleled performance when compared to conventional low-resolution thermal sensors (e.g thermopiles and microbolometers).

We combine our CTS with proprietary computer vision algorithms to deliver smart thermal sensing solutions for many use cases, such as occupancy counting, immediate fall-detection, hotspot and fire detection and increased security for surveillance systems, all while remaining 100% privacy non-intrusive.

Visit us at booth #1043 to see our official launch of the Calumino Thermal Sensor, available now as an evaluation kit for purchase. Also, please visit for more information. 

Calumino also offer two complete cloud-base IoT solutions; Eve Care for aged care, home care and hospital monitoring, and Eve Sense; for smart buildings & hotels occupancy data, industrial & mission critical asset monitoring, fire safety systems, security systems and more. Visit and for more information.  


Brands: We offer two complete IoT solutions: Eve Care (aged care, home care and hospitals) and Eve Sense (smart buildings and hotels, industrial asset monitoring, fire safety systems, security and more).


  • Calumino Thermal Sensor + A.I. Plug&Play Eval Kit
    The Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS) is a novel thermal sensor with a 36x16 pixel resolution and unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio when compared to conventional low-resolution thermal sensors....

  • CALUMINO has developed a new generation of thermal infrared imaging sensors, engineered from scratch for scalable, affordable, privacy non-intrusive human activity detection and remote temperature sensing for a wide variety of applications. Together with sophisticated A.I. computer vision algorithms we introduce consumer-ready smart thermal vision to the world.

    In Q4 2019 the CTS OEM Volume Production Version (V2) will be released. The CTS V2 module will have the same performance as V1 – but much smaller, less than 90mW power consumption and completely scalable and affordable. It will be world’s first high performing, privacy non-intrusive, mass market ready IR detector with sophisticated A.I. computer vision packages to provide machines, utilities, devices, sensors, products and the IoT with smart thermal sensing.

    The Calumino Thermal Sensor + A.I. Plug&Play Eval Kit includes:

    • 1 x Calumino Thermal Sensor (V1) with one (1) lens option;
    • 1 x USB-C to USC-A cable, and;
    • 1 x Adjustable tripod

    Lens options:

    Horizontal FOV (˚)





    Vertical FOV (˚)










    FL (mm)





    Specifications :

    General Performance



    36 x 16 IR pixels

    Spectral Range

    8 to 14 µm

    Frame Rate

    8 Hz


    <100 mK

    Power Consumption

    < 90 mW




    56 x 46 x 20 mm

    Operating Temperature

    -20 ̊C to +85 ̊C

    Target T-Range

    -20 ̊C to +200 ̊C


    CTS OEM Volume Production Version (36 x 16 x 12 mm3)  available Q4 2019

  • Eve Sense
    Eve Sense is our IoT platform based on the latest thermal sensor innovations and computer vision algorithms, enabling dynamic, real-time and always-on information flow through proprietary technology. Visit for more information....

  • Eve Sense is a end-to-end IoT monitoring solution with many applications – 

    Smart Buildings & Hotels:

    Human presence detection and occupancy counting greatly improves operational efficiency in smart buildings. Leveraging people counting in meeting rooms and open office space leads to optimised workspace usage across a tenancy or entire building. Tracking spatial location as well as exact number of people within a room allows for optimisition of the HVAC system for  improved energy efficiency. The same system is suitable for security and fire safety, while protecting privacy.

    Industrial Asset Monitoring:

    Using Eve Sense, sensitive industrial and mission critical assets have real-time health status updates and KPIs visualised on a dashboard. By monitoring operating temperature, machine learning algorithms reveal behaviour patterns and trends, which allows for proactive asset maintenance. Eve Sense can observe behaviour and present data that is currently not available using conventional asset monitoring. 


    Eve Sense provides reliable people detection in dark environments, where CCTV systems have reached their limits. Eve can integrate with an existing CCTV systems to create a reliable and robust 24/7 security monitoring system.  

    Fire Safety:

    Fire localizing using spatial hot-spot detection provides valuable information to a building’s fire suppression system and assist in the extinguishing of fires before they spread. 

    Aged Care, Home Care & Hospital:

    Eve Care provides instant fall detection, visitor, activity and well-being data, as well as transparency into quality of care. Unlike invasive CCTV cameras, the system can be easily installed in health, aged and home care facilities, providing a non-intrusive and non-wearable solution that preserves a residents’ privacy. Please see our Eve Care product for more information. 

  • Eve Care
    Eve Care provides instant fall detection, visitor data, well-being data and transparency into the quality of care. Unlike CCTV cameras, Eve can be installed in hospitals, aged care facilities and into homes while remaining 100% privacy non-intrusive....

  • Protects Privacy

    Eve Care detects heat signatures but cannot identify individuals. Eve has no microphones and therefore cannot breach privacy by listening to conversations.   

    Detects Falls in Real Time

    Reduce falls and associated costs by having the ability to provide immediate response.

    Provides Immediacy

    By having real-time information on the activity and wellbeing of residents.

    Enhances Quality of Care

    Provides never-before-seen insights into residents’ wellbeing, activity patterns and visitor data.

    Increases Safety

    Eve Care detects immediate hazardous situations such as unusual hotspots, fires and water leaks.

    Reduces Cost

    By increasing operational efficiency and flawless integration into existing infrastructure.  

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