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Your source for high end sensor and custom IoT solutions.

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc and ROBIOTIC at one booth!

Hoffmann + Krippner supplies industry leading sensor solutions for a wide range of industries and applications – medical, industrial, food processing just to name a few.

With a high-level of in-house product development and engineering, we are able to provide an extensive product portfolio of standard and custom sensor solutions:

  • Sensofoil membrane potentiometers and sensors
  • LVDT Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Load Cells and Force Sensors
  • Printed strain gauges

As part of the Hoffmann + Krippner Group, ROBIOTIC is able expand our expertise with full range IoT services, including IoT-relevant components, required from start-to-done.

For further information about how ROBIOTIC and its ecosystem of partners can help you succeed with your IoT application, please visit https://www.robiotic.com/en/

For further information about our portfolio of sensor solutions, please visit https://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/sensors/.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 770-487-1950 or send an email to sales@hoffmann-krippner.com. 

 Press Releases

  • For a limited time only, get your Sensofoil membrane potentiometer development / evaluation kit for only $50.00 (reduced from $112.24). With your purchase, we will also include a free sample of our SensoForce, a printed Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) perfect for IoT applications. 

    With the development kit you get a select variety from our standard product portfolio, both linear and rotary options, for initial testing and development purposes to fine-tune the perfect fit for your application.

    Why use Hoffmann + Krippner Sensofoil membrane potentiometers? They enable your product’s full potential with precision accuracy and nearly endless customizability.

    Cost advantages

    In general, a membrane potentiometer up to 700 mm in length presents a cost-effective option in place of traditional potentiometers: relatively inexpensive to manufacture, even with custom designs, they can be conveniently integrated in new and existing applications.

    Perfect fit for almost any application

    With Sensofoil®, Hoffmann + Krippner offers a fully customizable position sensor with almost limitless dimensions in length and radius, thanks to the flat and layered composition. In fact, almost any customer requirement can be fulfilled. Our industry-leading Sensofoil® team will guide you through the customization and implementation process.

    Durability and long service life

    Flat, durable, and sealed, Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers enjoy a service life between 1 million to 20 million operations. Depending on the model selected, they can even work in dirty, unstable, and/or hot environments. Integration in control units allows for fully sealed surfaces according to IP65. As an analogue sensor, the position signal is readily available even after a power outage. This eliminates the need for an otherwise potentially critical reset feature.

    To take advantage of this offer, please visit our online shop here

    For more information about our membrane potentiometers, please visit our website at www.hoffmann-krippner.com/sensofoil-membrane-potentiometers

  • Updated web presence for load cells and force sensors

    Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. proudly announces that some of the most reliable load cells and force sensorsmanufactured by Inelta are now part of their US product portfolio! Force sensors from Hoffmann + Krippner partner Inelta can measure loads with unparalleled accuracy, reliability and flexibility. They have specifically been developed for measuring static and dynamic forces in all industrial sectors, including mechanical engineering, automation engineering and laboratory and medical technology. The strain gage is protected by a steel or aluminum housing and is thus suited for use in rough and demanding environments.

    Easily accessible product information for each product category allows the customer to spend less time searching and get right into implementing the perfect load cell and force sensor solutions into their applications.

    Datasheets, list of specifications, product news, blog posts showcasing various types of applications as well as our engineering team are all important tools available to our customers.

    Feel free to browse through the following product categories:

    • Button load cells: measuring pressure either from one or two directions
    • In-line load cells: measuring without direct contact by attaching to an intermediate object
    • Pancake load cells: measuring push / pull or compression / tension connecting at multiple locations with rods going through the center or other points
    • S-beam load cells: appropriate for heavy-duty loads such as industrial cranes, containers, trains, etc.
    • Bending beam load cells: measuring shear force up to 10 kilos

    Please contact us if you need assistance in selecting the perfect load cell solution for your application.

  • What is Sensofoil®?

    In our last blog post, we answered the question, “What is a membrane potentiometer?” Today, we’re going to talk about Sensofoil®, the Hoffmann + Krippner brand of membrane potentiometers, and how it differs from others.

    The name gives you the first clue of how Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers stand out. In addition to using them as normal potentiometers (i.e., as set-point generators in input devices like hand-held controls), they can also be used flexibly as highly accurate and reliable linear and rotary position sensors. The ultra-thin design means they fit seamlessly into restricted installation conditions.

    Sensofoil® refers to a family of membrane potentiometers. The flagship PET-PET model uses conductive ink printed onto flexible PET foils (hence the “foil” part of the name), including a resistive track on the bottom foil and a top foil that works as a tap. This construction offers an excellent life span. This foil-on-foil design can also be fully enclosed with an IP rating up to IP65.

    In addition, the Sensofoil® family also includes alternative designs to work within a wide variety of applications and conditions.

    For example, one version can be printed directly onto FR4, if the customer has an application where they’d attach the membrane potentiometer to the enclosure with screws rather than an adhesive backing. For applications at particularly high temperatures – as in automotive, aerospace, and industrial settings – the Sensofoil® family also includes a PET-Hybrid formulation that can operate at more extreme temperatures of up to +85°C. Altogether, the Sensofoil® family includes the following lines:

    Sensofoil® PET-PET A durable, ultra-thin design that works within a wide temperature range
    Sensofoil® PET Hybrid Particularly resistant design that works with high temperatures
    Sensofoil® PET Magnet Contactless design with an especially long-life span
    Sensofoil® FR4-PET Flat design with various connection options
    Sensofoil® FR4 Hybrid Particularly resistant design that works at the greatest temperature range
    Sensofoil® FR4 Magnet Contactless design that works especially well with electronic equipment

    Operation is identical with all forms of the Sensofoil® membrane potentiometer. With a finger or wiper, pressure is applied to the collector membrane, causing contact between the metal strip and base membrane. The resultant voltage is proportional to the distance, angle, or position being measured.

    Sensofoil® potentiometers can be easily customized to required length, angles, and resistance values, so that they can be adapted to fit perfectly into existing applications.

    For more information about, including links to datasheets, click here. For answers to specific questions, please contact us.

    Please visit our case studies for various application examples.


  • Efficient Solutions for Smart Asset Tracking
    Empowering Smart Logistics
    Capture relevant data securely and wirelessly with SmartTAGs by conbee (part of the H+K Group), without large infrastructure measures. Find out where your assets are and visualize all parameters in real time.

  • With our smart asset tracking solutions, all objects involved in the production and logistics process can be clearly identified and localized - they can "speak" and become SMART OBJECTS. 

    Case Study: Location and tracking of vehicles, containers or packages on premises of 130,000 square meters

    You want to:

    • track your containers, fleet / vehicles and assets?
    • optimize your production processes?
    • improve scheduling of your assest?

    We have the right solution for you! 

    The configurable TAGS provide authentication features, are fraud-resistant and come optionally with a 3D-acceleration sensor, which can detect motion and orientation. 

    Among a range of additional options, we will be exhibiting the following SmartTAGs at Sensors Expo 2019:

    Hybrid TAG L500 Infosheet: the BLE/LoRa® HybridTAG is ideally suited for IoT and M2M applications. 

    It combines Bluetooth Low Energy and Long Range Wireless with a set of sensors. 

    SmartTAG B200R Infosheet: the BLE SmartTAG is ideally suited for IoT applications

    With its stable and ruggedized case and protection class IP69K it could be used for tracking scenarios in an industrial environment. 

    Please contact ROBIOTIC if you want to discuss your hardware and connectivity requirements today. 

  • Ultrasonic Proximity and Fill Level Sensors
    High resolution, optimum precision, long detection range - our ultrasonic position, level, distance and barrier sensors capture measurements with pinpoint accuracy....

  • Take a look at the list of our Ultrasonic Sensors Product Line and Features!

    Why use a Hoffmann + Krippner Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor?

    Our ultrasonic sensors offer unbeatable accuracy and service specifications. The use of high frequencies as well as modern signal treating, along with world-class engineering and design, means our ultrasonic sensors offer:

    • High resolution
    • Optimum precision
    • Long detection range
    • Very short minimum distance

    Case Study: Ultrasonic Sensors in Food Processing

    Datasheet: Measuring with Ultrasonic Sensors

    Please contact H+K if you want to discuss your hardware requirements today. 

  • LVDT Displacement Sensors
    Extreme precision powers peak performance.
    Hoffmann-Krippner LVDT sensors amplify your ability to measure and monitor precise movements in equipment and industrial automation systems....

  • Take a look at the list of our Ultrasonic Sensors Product Line and Features!

    Why use a Hoffmann + Krippner LVDT Sensor?

    Extreme precision and peak performance

    • Friction-free operation
    • Infinite resolution

    Dynamic response fuels fast, repetable functionality

    • Fast dynamic response
    • Null point repeatability

    Unlimited mechanical life gives LVDTs the ultimate staying power, even in high-stree applications

    • Unlimited mechanical life
    • Absolute output

    Expert engineering and consultation electrifies performance poential 

    • User experience
    • Extensive consultation

    Datasheet: LVDT Displacement Sensors - standard and customized position sensors with measuring length up to 200mm

    Please contact H+K if you want to discuss your hardware requirements today. 

  • Printed Sensors
    Resistive, capacitive and pressure-sensitive
    Benefit from our expertise in processing a wide variety of pastes. Sensors with custom dimensions, shapes and functions can be developed according to customer specifications and requirements....

  • Sensofoil® membrane sensors

    Linear and rotary position sensing (incl. custom designs).

    • Flat design between 0.5 mm (PET) and 2.1 mm (FR4-Magnet) for space restricted applications
    • Excellent linearity (standard: 2% linear, 4% rotary)
    • Temperature ranges of -25C to +55C (PET), 0C to +55C (Magnet) and -25C to +85C (Hybrid)
    • Sealed up to IP65

    Our Sensofoil® membrane sensors ...

    ...offer cost advantages

    ...can fit almost any application

    ...offer long service life of 1M to 20M cycles

    Case Study: Innovative concepts for the automotive industry

    Case Study: Capturing motion in medical technology with Sensofoil® 

    Case Study: Sensofoil® for adjustments and memory functions of healthcare beds

    Further information about Sensofoil®

    SensoInk membrane potentiometer

    The resistive track is printed directly onto a circuit board material such as FR4 or on PET. The signal is tapped using a conductive precious metal (beryllium) wiper. This cost effectve, yet very robust technology completes the product portfolio of displacement and angle sensors at Hoffmann + Krippner. 

    Further information about SensoInk

    SensoForce printed force sensing resistor (FSR)

    Custom pressure-sensitive sensors ideal for IoT applications.

    With SensoForce, we offer sensors that change voltage depending on pressure. For this purpose, a special thick-film FSR paste is printed on PET and composed in layers. These pressure-sensitive sensors are ideal for a variety of applications and industries. 

    • Light, robust and ultra thin
    • Measuring range 10N
    • Custom dimensions and shapes
    • High temperature range of -30C to +70C
    • Perfect for applications with restricted installation space
    • 1M life cycles

    Further infromation about SensoForce

    Capacitive Sensors

    Functioning as buttons, wheels or sliders

    Capacitive solutions are used for sensors that are to be operated only by light touch.

    Flexible capacitive sensors on polyester films can be customized to the application requirements.Illumination of capacitive sensor fields is also possible. Single aand multi-colored LEDs creae a homogeneous backlighting of surfaces, symbols and frames, even with color changes. 

    Please contact H+K if you want to discuss your hardware requirements today. 

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