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After over a decade of bio-materials engineering research effort at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Calyx was spun out with the mission to apply advanced bio-materials to create cost-efficient and power-efficient sensors for the real-time detection and characterization of airborne chemical compounds.

We leverage the use of genetic and chemical engineering tools to produce non-toxic phage materials for use in highly sensitive sensors for airborne chemicals. Using drug discovery and tumor cell targeting tools to modify the phages, we make the sensors highly selective.

While our technology platform has received widespread interest from many different industry sectors, we are currently focused on complex aromas and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene, as initial market entry applications.

We are now actively looking for customers/partners for field pilots and proof of concept testing.


  • X-series Ammonia Sensor
    In addition to the comprehensive sensor package offered with Y-series, Calyx also offers X-series smart sensor module with built-in MCU. It is available for developers to integrate into embedded systems....

  • X-series offers the barebones module version of our ammonia sensor. It has the ammonia sensor, as well as an on-board MCU to provide digital output. X-series comes in industry-standard 4R form factor, and is available for developers to integrate into embedded systems.

    Highlights of X-series Ammonia Sensor include:

    • Long Lifetime: the sensor operates normally in the continuous presence of ammonia, and long-term exposure does not decrease sensitivity
    • High Selectivity: the sensor is highly selective to ammonia, and is unaffected by other environmental contaminants such as NOx, SOx, CO2, O2, EtOH, and hydrocarbons
    • Fast Response: the sensor responds to gas changes rapidly, with T90 of under 60 seconds

    Features of X-series Ammonia Sensor:

    • Sensitivity Range: 0 ppm~50 ppm (lower detection and resolution range option available)
    • Nominal weight of 8 grams
    • 5V operating voltage
    • UART digital output
    • Humidity Range (non-condensing): 25%~95% (-20~40°C); 40%~95% (40~50°C)
    • Temperature Range: -20°C~50°C
  • Y-series Ammonia Measurement System
    Y-series is your go-to solution for a fully integrated ammonia sensing system. It is wireless and can operate on battery power for multiple years with minimal calibration maintenance from sub-freezing to 50 °C....

  • Calyx’s Y-series is a fully integrated system with wireless transmission capability, and provides the optimal price to performance metric to operate in any situation. Y-series can be powered via batteries or 3.6~5 VDC power, analyzes ammonia in real-time and transmits the data wirelessly using LPWAN technology.

    Highlights of Y-series Ammonia Measurement System include:

    • Long Operating Life: Y-series can operate for multiple years on battery power with minimal maintenance such as an occasional calibration check
    • Fast Response: the sensor rapidly responds to concentration changes, with a T90 under 60 seconds
    • No Drift: the sensor operates normally in the continuous presence of ammonia
    • Configurable: the operator can choose a wide variety of parameters, such as sampling period, transmission period, and power options.

    Features on Y-series Ammonia Measurement System:

    • LED indicator for operation status, updates, and alarms
    • Wireless transmission
    • Optional power supply between battery pack or DC power
    • Allows factory and user setting restoration in case parameters are lost accidentally
    • Transmit setup information and battery voltage to the wireless receiver
    • Extended hub for future sensor add-ons
    • Long-lasting operation, regardless of environment
    • Alternative mount options available
    • Lower detection range option available
    • Extended temperature range available
    • Rapidly responds to changes in ammonia concentration with a T90 of under 60 seconds
    • Operators can adjust a wide variety of parameters
    • Operators and managers can use Calyx Cloud Service Platform to monitor the environmental concentration change in real-time
    • Conveniently replace and change to different industry detection needs
    • No calibration is required

    Operating a Y-series is as simple as putting the sensing system in the desired location and turning it on. It gives accurate ammonia readings continuously and automatically.

  • Z-series Aroma Analyzer
    Calyx Z-series is a novel ‘electronic nose’ solution for the characterization of complex aromas. It is a complete analyzer for characterizing complex airborne chemical profiles, promising selectivity, extensibility, and versatility....

  • Within the food and beverage industry, rapid examination and identification of sensory anomalies enable on-the-spot decision-making at various stages of product development, production, quality control, and distribution. Z-series is a portable real-time aroma analyzer that provides flexible solutions for multiple such applications. Z-series is customizable so that it may be adapted to new problems and individual situations.

    Z-series incorporates an array of patented phage-based sensors engineered to respond to specific chemical functionalities and structures. It comes complete with onboard sampling and cleaning systems.

    Z-series Aroma Analyzer presents the following highlights:

    • Simple Operation: no time-consuming and costly laboratory sample preparation required; sample processing is automated and convenient
    • Fast Analysis: a typical analysis takes only 5 mins to get results
    • Reliable Results: consistent and reproducible laboratory-grade results in real-time
    • Intuitive Analysis: proprietary algorithm provides metrics to benchmark and compares test samples to other aroma profiles

    Features of Z-series Aroma Analyzer include:

    • Able to characterize aromas from both liquid and dry samples
    • Auto-cleaning of the instrument after sampling
    • Analyzer software included that shows operation status and timing of sample analysis
    • Power: 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz

    With Z-series, our multi-application gas analyzer, the potential is endless. From quality control of food and beverage products from farm to table, development of new fragrance compounds, to safety inspection, we are only beginning to explore the possibilities.

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