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The privately owned company of InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik has its headquarters in Dresden, Germany and was founded in 1991. Today, it is a fully integrated company with its own departments of development, production and service, employing about 230 highly-qualified specialists. The brand InfraTec® stands for the array of services and products offered, focusing on sensor technology and infrared measurement. Since the beginning, both business divisions, sensors and infrared measurement technology, focused on state-of-the-art sensor components and measurement systems – in particular for an approximate infrared wavelength range of 2 to 14 µm.

Brands: PYROMID® Pyroelectric Multi Channel Detectors, High-end Thermographic Camera Series ImageIR® and VarioCAM® High Definition

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  • How an efficient, medium-sized Dresden high-tech company developed from one idea.

    Infrared technology has exclusive and sometimes mysterious properties because it uses electromagnetic radiation, an invisible, but at the same time, omnipresent force. It can be used, for example, to measure temperatures and gas concentrations, for early fire detection and to track down energy losses. In 1991, a few graduates led by two young men, fascinated by this technology during their studies and PhD research work at the Technical University of Dresden, turned it into a lifelong passion and started InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik.´

    Driven by the idea of turning their fascination of infrared technology into the basis of a business venture and with great patience, they succeeded in developing their company into a globally recognised manufacturer in the infrared technology sector within 30 years. The current managing directors, Dr.-Ing. Matthias Krausz and Dr.-Ing. Matthias Heinze faced a lot of challenges when they founded the company. The greatest challenge was the fact that there were initially no products ready for serial production, no manufacturing and testing equipment installed and no customers. The procurement of start-up capital for the GmbH was another task to be tackled. “But we still had excellent qualifications, we were unaware of the stereotype 'German Angst' and were able to get to grips with the technology ourselves. And primarily, we had the vision of being able to do everything better than our existing competitors,” according to Dr. Matthias Heinze, managing director and head of the sensor technology division.

    30 years of the highest level of infrared technology
    From our very first “production laboratory” in the basement of the erstwhile kindergarten of the TU Dresden up to the inauguration of the first “genuine” clean room area for production, the path we have taken has been targeted, but not always straightforward or easy. “Thirty exciting years have passed by in a flash, during which our creative tenacity has always been matched with the necessary piece of good luck. We would like to express our greatest thanks to all of our dedicated and motivated staff who form the backbone of InfraTec as well as to all customers and partners who have always accompanied us with their confidence and goodwill, ”commented Dr. Matthias Krausz, managing director and head of the infrared measurement technology division.

    While many companies change hands after successfully establishing themselves on the market or are bought up by larger companies, InfraTec has rejected numerous offers in this direction. "We also see the future opportunities to exploit the inherent strengths of our ownership structure to retain and expand our noticeable share of the world market," confirmed Dr. Matthias Heinze. InfraTec is a reliable partner for customers, employees, suppliers and other market players. The concepts of innovation and the quality of the products are the keys to sustainable corporate development.

    “Made in Dresden” with conviction
    The entire production of InfraTec takes place at the headquarters in Dresden. Outsourcing production to other countries has played no part to the present day. "Quite the contrary!", according to Dr. Matthias Krausz. “Entrepreneurial decisions have always been characterised by keeping the core of value creation on the spot here in Dresden. This will continue to be the case if the social framework conditions for us as a medium-sized company in Germany do not significantly deteriorate. ”What’s more, half of our employees are graduates and our core industrial team all have a skilled worker qualification. This grown expertise cannot be outweighed by the lower energy and media costs or tax advantages abroad," said Dr. Matthias Heinze. This is the reason why InfraTec will continue to develop, manufacture and sell in its production facilities at the “TechnologieZentrumDresden”.

    A glance into the "crystal ball"
    A glance into the future has always been of fundamental importance to the InfraTec managing directors. Who do we want to be? Where do we want to go? Dr. Matthias Krausz has a clear answer: “We will continue to be the customeroriented and family-characterised company that focuses on technology and quality leadership in niche areas. The consistent continuation of the path we have taken so far will determine our actions in the next decade in spite of the rapid global development in the technical and economic conditions."

    Furthermore, the challenge of the generational shift is imminent. "We, the owners, are getting on in years and are now measured not only by what we do every day, but also by how we get the next generation of owners and managers at InfraTec to have an optimum impact," said Dr. Matthias Heinze on the topic of corporate succession.

    The components business and the business with cameras and complete systems will also be continued side by side. Furthermore, InfraTec would like to exceed previous functional limits as long as new products are compatible with the know-how and production technologies. The planning for an expansion of the company's own property on the grounds of the TechnologieZentrumDresden, as a prerequisite for future growth, has already begun.

  • The specialist reading for sensor industry including the world's first eight-channel detector and other new members of the LRM family.

    Pyroelectric detectors "Made in Germany" in great variety. An in-house research and development department. This and much more is offered by the owner-managed company InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik from Dresden with locations in the USA, Great Britain and China. The infrared detectors are used for high-precision gas analysis, fire and flame sensors and spectroscopy.

    The current product catalogue
    For the accustomed complete product overview, InfraTec has updated the well-established detector catalogue. In addition to the already familiar product portfolio, which comprises a total of five product groups with approximately 50 standard detectors, the updated edition now also includes the latest models of multi-channel detectors from the PYROMID® series. A special highlight is the LRM-278 - the world's first pyroelectric detector with eight spectral channels in a TO8 housing for gas analysis. Also newly introduced are the two quad-channel detectors LRM-244 and LRM-274, which are particularly suitable for flame detection due to their large aperture angle of 110°. In the field of infrared filters, two narrow bandpass filters for the detection of water (filter code "W") and nitrogen dioxide (filter code "N") are now available. The portfolio is further complemented by an additional reference filter (filter code "B"), which has a centre wavelength of 3.72 µm and a half power bandwidth of 90 nm. Thus, overlaps with the absorption band of the ubiquitous carbon dioxide are avoided. These three filters extend InfraTec's existing standard range and enable customers to have these new options at their disposal at low cost and, above all, at short notice.

    In addition to all the above-mentioned new products, the revised catalogue offers detailed technical explanations on the design and functional principle of pyroelectric detectors, application examples as well as handling recommendations. Furthermore, the catalogue contains the data sheets of the detectors and an overview of all available narrow bandpass filters and IR windows in a compact form.

    The catalogue can be ordered by e-mail at sensorik[at] or by phone at +49 351 82876-700.

  • Short delivery times and numerous options for customisation – the modular system of pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec offers the optimum solution for a wide range of applications and requirements.

    InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik, an owner-managed Dresden-based company, has over 30 years of experience in the field of infrared technology. Customers worldwide benefit from a wide range of high-quality, innovative products and services in this field.

    Higher production capacities and shorter delivery times
    InfraTec is expanding at its headquarters in Dresden. A new extension including a clean room creates more space for the infrared sensor division. As part of this expansion, the machine park was also enlarged. Step by step, fully automatic machines replaced the previous models. Among other things, an automatic semiconductor saw with double spindle for sawing wafer materials, further automatic chip bonders and more powerful automatic machines for wire bonding and cap bonding were purchased. The coating machines for different applications were also renewed.

    Due to the expansion of production capacities and an improved flow of goods, we are able to reduce delivery times for our customers.

    "Made in Germany" – from standard to special detectors
    The modular design of the InfraTec detectors as well as the large selection of different standard filters offer a wide range of application possibilities and thus room for your individual specifications. Our product range comprises a total of five different product groups with approximately 50 standard detectors, ranging from single-channel to eight-channel detectors. Each infrared detector is tested for functionality by our quality department before delivery. The individual measurement data for each detector is made available in our download portal. Our customers can retrieve this data via the assigned serial number and thus save the effort of an incoming goods inspection. At the same time, the requirements for traceability are fulfilled.

    To meet customer requirements in the best possible way, InfraTec also invests in internal research and development of new sensor technologies. Our in-house developed PYROMID® multi-channel detectors, for example, combine high technology in the smallest of spaces with their compact design.

    Small detectors – great possibilities
    The range of applications for pyroelectric detectors is very extensive. They are used for gas analysis in medical technology, mining and industry, among others. They also enable the detection of flames caused, for example, by burning organic substances such as wood or natural gas. Another field of application involves spectroscopy. Here, detectors support the analysis of the composition of solids, liquids and gases. These are used for example in environmental technology or food quality control.

    Each task involves special requirements. That is why our experienced sales engineers and product managers analyse your specific needs in an individual discussion. Together, we configure the detector that is precisely tailored to your field of application.

    InfraTec is your partner for more than just looking for a supplier!
    Find out more about the use of pyroelectric detectors in your application. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of your device and support you with questions regarding lenses, mechanics and electronics as well as the selection of the appropriate IR filter.

    Order catalogue now
    The current catalogue gives you an overview of the infrared sensor product portfolio. In addition to detailed data sheets on our pyroelectric detectors, it also contains technical explanations, application examples and handling recommendations. Please contact us.

  • To meet the increasing demand from partners for pyroelectric detectors, the Dresden-based company is expanding its presence in the American market.

    In 2007 the first transatlantic branch of InfraTec was opened in Dallas, Texas. It was the second international branch after Great Britain. Thus the foundation of the American subsidiary InfraTec infrared LLC continued the way for the Dresden-based company InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik on the international market. InfraTec is also present in China with a permanent representative.

    2020 – InfraTec grows internationally
    Since November 2020 InfraTec infrared LLC is running a second location in the USA in Atlanta, Georgia. The reason for this step is the high demand for pyroelectric detectors for gas and flame sensors in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Especially the USA and North America in general are among the largest markets for infrared sensor technology worldwide and therefore an important cornerstone of InfraTec's sales strategy. "With the numerous customers located there, we generate one third of the company's total annual turnover", says Matthias Heinze, Managing Director of the infrared sensor division. In the last five years, InfraTec has recorded a 70 percent growth in turnover on the American market.

    With the opening of the new location, the sales team in America was also expanded. Thus, InfraTec customers benefit more from the comprehensive service on site. Customer enquiries can be processed even more targeted and faster, as time zone differences do not have to be considered. This facilitates customer service by the Dresden-based company, whose entire production is located in Dresden, Germany.


  • InfraTecs’ Pyroelectric Detector Goes Digital
    Reaching the Goal More Quickly with Less Effort...

  • We are introducing: our digital detector for easy system integration with variable signal processing and improved electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Like all detectors from InfraTec, it is based on single-crystal lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) and is used in gas analysis and flame detection . In contrast to other materials, LiTaO3 offers high sensitivity and a good signal-to-noise ratio without additional cooling or temperature stabilisation. For high-precision measurement, especially in gas analysis, synchronisation of the emitter and detector clock is necessary. For the digital pyroelectric detectors, a clock input (pin) is available for this purpose, which is used to specify the system clock or the exact sample time.  This allows a time signal with a highly precise sampling rate to be generated. Another special feature compared to analogue technology of our digital detector is the "Fast Recovery after Saturation". This function detects overdriving due to a faulty operating condition – for example, due to extreme temperature fluctuations or mechanical influences – and automatically resets the analogue front-end. 

    The digital detector converts the analogue signal, which can be filtered and amplified in several stages, directly into a digital signal with a 16-bit resolution. The entire signal processing is carried out by an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit), whereby the analogue front-end acts like a classic transimpedance amplifier. Thus, users receive a digital measurement signal that can be read out via an I²C interface and immediately processed.

    Digital Pyroelectric Detectors – What are the Advantages?

    Simple Integration
    The integrated ASIC, which already contains an A/D converter, eliminates complex signal processing steps and the detector can be connected directly to the microcontroller without adjustments. This enables fast and simple system integration. The user is provided with the digital measured values with a sampling rate of up to 1 kHz, which can be read out and directly processed without additional hardware components via the I²C interface.

    Improved Electromagnetic Compatibility
    The entire signal conversion of the detector is spatially concentrated and shielded, resulting in a higher electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The detector is more resistant to electromagnetic interference, so that EMC measures can be reduced by the user.

    Variable Signal Processing 
    The most important features for characterising the performance of a pyroelectric detector are the frequency-dependent sensitivity, noise density and detectivity D*. Depending on the measurement system (measurement setup) and principle, there are different requirements for a well-dimensioned signal processing. The digital detector offers full flexibility in the configuration of the detector parameters, during development and also in later use. The sensitivity of the digital detector can be flexibly adjusted depending on the radiated power falling on the detector, in order to optimally utilise the subsequent input voltage range of the A/D converter. Feedback resistor Rf and feedback capacitance Cf can be set individually for each spectral channel of the detector. This allows the user to optimally adapt the performance of sensitivity and stability to the requirements of the application.

    Analogue vs. Digital - Which Detector for which Application?

    Analogue pyroelectric detectors have proven their worth for decades. Their integration into the device design can be made flexible but requires a high degree of electronic skill. The performance of the detectors can be fully utilised. Considering the effort required for system integration, digital pyroelectric detectors have clear advantages. The functions already integrated into the detector – although limiting the scope for design – significantly reduce the effort required for system integration. We will gladly advise you on the performance parameters of digital and analogue detectors and their suitability for your individual measurement task.

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