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FBGS - Tailored Fiber Optic Sensing Components & Solutions

Founded in 2005, FBGS is a developer of tailored fiber optic sensing components and solutions combining sensors and interrogation technology. Key players in industries such as process industry, energy, civil engineering or medical rely on FBGS to empower advanced monitoring in harsh or demanding environments where no other sensing methods can be implemented. Unique manufacturing technologies and strong application know-how enable products for applications in temperature, shape, strain, force and pressure sensing.

Our purpose is to support our customers to make their vision a reality acting on our side as sensing expert while they embed our technology. Together, we will be able to measure what was not measurable before and see greater achievements and meaningful improvements in safety, health and sustainability. Understanding customer’s applications in depth, thinking through the entire value chain and investing in and for our future are key pillars to achieve our goals.

Brands: Draw Tower Gratings (DTG®s), All Grating Fiber (AGF®), FemtoSecond Gratings (FSG®s), FBG-Sensors and measurement devices.


  • Shape sensing system
    Fiber optic shape sensing has an outstanding capability to sense curvature and shape in 2D and 3D. The technology will enable cutting-edge applications in the fields of robotic and standard minimally invasive surgery....

  • Fiber optic shape sensing: making the invisible tangible in critical applications.

    Fiber optic shape sensing as turn-key solution.

    Combining issues such as reduced exposure to radiations while still being able to “see” through the body may at first seem quite challenging. This was the reason why fiber optic shape sensing was developed. It presents the advantage of being able to track itself thus recreating the shape inside the body.

    Our fiber optic shape sensing system comprises a sensor, a measurement device and the software that manages all the algorithms for data readout and processing. The key constituent for this type of sensing is based on simultaneous and real-time monitoring of the induced strain in a multi-core optical fiber with included draw tower grating sensors (MCF-DTG®) while compensating for common mode effects such as temperature changes. Depending on the curvature orientation of the MCF, some of the DTG®s on the outer cores will experience a relative tension or compression with respect to the central core and therefore, will register positive- or negative-induced strain changes, respectively. To calculate the local curvature (or bending radius), the relative strains are measured and processed. To determine the curvature profile of an MCF, the gathered data is given as a function of the DTG® positions along the optical fiber and is processed with special reconstruction algorithms.

    System features

    ∙ Turn-key shape sensing system (full system with individual building blocks tailored to application’s needs)
    ∙ Easy integration in existing systems (Small dimensions of the optical fiber (down to 0.2mm thickness), measurement device available on “integrable bracket design”)
    ∙ High bending detection range (bending radius 10m>R>1mm)
    ∙ High strain resistivity suited for challenging applications
    ∙ Solution tailored to customers’ needs / requirements
    ∙ Immune to electromagnetic radiation, passive components
    ∙ Miniaturized & biocompatible
    ∙ High resolution and accurate 3D shape sensing (Tip position error <2mm @ 30cm lengths)
    ∙ High density of sensors in a single fiber
    ∙ Real-time & dynamic sensing

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