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Passion for technology with truly inspired engineering.

Combining a passion for technology with truly inspired engineering, Melexis designs, develops and delivers innovative micro-electronic solutions that enable designers to turn ideas into applications that support the best imaginable future. The company’s advanced mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components address the challenges of integrating sensing, driving and communication into next-generation products and systems that improve safety, raise efficiency, support sustainability and enhance comfort.

Melexis is a world leader in automotive semiconductor sensors. Today, on average every new car produced worldwide contains 18 Melexis chips. Melexis has used its core experience to expand its portfolio of sensors and driver ICs. Now they also meet the needs of smart appliances, home automation, industrial and medical applications. Melexis sensing solutions include magnetic sensors, MEMS sensors (pressure, TPMS, infrared), sensor interface ICs, optoelectronic single point and linear array sensors and Time of Flight. The company’s driver IC portfolio incorporates advanced DC & BLDC motor controllers, LED drivers and FET pre-driver.

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 Press Releases

  • By focusing on the advanced features, the latest rotary and linear positioning devices offer economical solutions 


    Melexis expands its portfolio of 3D magnetic position sensing solutions with the introduction of the MLX9042x series. These sensors are intended for cost-conscious automotive customers who need to measure absolute position accurately and safely in harsh and noisy environments over an extended temperature range.


    The solutions are primarily intended for automotive customers working on applications such as powertrain actuators, transmission sensors, pedal position sensors and chassis sensors. Industrial customers will also benefit from the improvements they enable.


    Based on Triaxis® Hall sensor technology pioneered by Melexis, the MLX9042x devices all feature analog signal conditioning, data conversion and signal processing, as well as output stage drivers. 


    The devices in this series are: 

    • The MLX90421: rotary and linear use, with analog or PWM output. 
    • The MLX90422: rotary and linear use, with SENT output. 
    • The MLX90423: linear stray field immune with either analog, PWM or SENT output.
    • The MLX90425: rotary 360° stray field immunity with analog or PWM output.
    • The MLX90426: rotary 360° stray field immunity with SENT output.
    • Further devices will be added to the series in the future.

    To ensure first-time-right EMC testing the MLX9042x offer similar performance as the products in the MLX9037x family. Only one test cycle is required, keeping the design progressing quickly and the costs low. The high absolute maximum ratings (AMR), including reverse polarity, reduce the number of quality incidents due to electrical overstress and allow the achievement of various OEM requirements.


    ASIL B ready (per ISO 26262), these devices enable the design of functionally safe actuators and sensors to ensure safe operation of the vehicle. As well as single die versions, dual die versions are available for applications requiring higher levels of safety and availability.


    Another key benefit includes support for 160 °C operational temperatures. The high temperature capability enables position sensing applications in hot environments - such as small engine compartments or where start-stop conditions cause increased heat soaks.


    The Melexis MLX9042x devices are all fully AEC-Q100 qualified. They can be supplied in SMD packages or in SMP-3 and SMP-4 PCB-less packages (where the sensor and EMC capacitors are integrated into a single mold). 


    Samples availability:

    • MLX90421/22: available in SOIC-8/TSSOP-16/DMP-4/SMP-3/SMP-4 packages.

    • MLX90425/26: available in SOIC-8/SMP-3 packages – with more to come later.

    • MLX90423: will be available for order in November 2022.


    The MLX90423, MLX90425 and MLX90426 sensors are capable of rejecting stray magnetic fields (up to 5 mT or 4000 A/m) in rotary and linear position sensing applications.


    “Building on the success of our MLX9036x product family, we now have a cost-optimized series that retains all of the core features. In addition there are functional safety and EMC enhancements, plus improved operating temperature and stray magnetic field capabilities,” explains Dieter Verstreken, Global Marketing Manager Position Sensors, Melexis. “This really sets us apart from the competition. It means we provide customers with the required features at the desired price.”


    More details on the Melexis MLX9042x series can be found at: 

  • Low power and wide voltage supply 3D magnetic field sensor IC enables maximum flexibility on the choice of the battery


    Melexis introduced the MLX90397, a three-dimensional magnetometer for cost efficient position sensing. It features a wide supply voltage (1.7 to 3.6 V). This is ideally suited for battery powered appliances for both consumer and industrial applications. 


    Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, introduces the MLX90397, a 16-bit 3-axis sensor device that has a magnetic field range reaching 50mT (with an adaptive range on the z-axis of up to 200mT). The user can choose the fields to measure among BX, BY, BZ, temperature or a combination. The sensing element relies on the proven Triaxis® 3D Hall effect technology. Captured data are converted into a digital form and then transferred over an I2C interface.


    MLX90397 is designed to address 1.8/2.2/3.3V applications. The key benefits are:

    • The signal-to-noise (SNR) figures outperform other products on the market with a typical RMS noise of 2µT for a 50mT range.

    • The combination of a low 7nA power down current and a wide voltage supply range (1.7V to 3.6V) is ideal for battery powered applications. It not only provides maximum flexibility on the selection of the battery type (Alkaline, Lithium..), but also ensures an extended usage. 



    The adaptive Bz field range up to 200mT simplifies customer designing with a back bias magnet (e.g. joystick) as it removes the constraint on the saturation. 

    Another benefit is the inclusion of a VddIO pin. It allows the customer to set the output at a different voltage level than the main supply. This feature avoids the need to place extra level shifters to interface with the µC.

    The MLX90397 comes in a compact surface-mount 8-pin UTDFN package, with a footprint of just 2.0mm x 2.5mm and a height of only 0.4mm. This makes the devices easy to integrate - even into highly space-constrained electronic designs. A supported operational temperature range of -40°C to 105°C allows the use in demanding industrial applications.


    “The arrival of the MLX90397 completes our magnetometer portfolio to address micropower applications supplied from 1.8 V” explains Jerome Degois, Marketing Manager Position Sensor. “With outstanding SNR performances it facilitates the designer’s need to compromise between both noise characteristics and power consumption. The MLX90397 is the magnetometer optimized for battery-powered applications.”


    Among the most prominent applications are handheld power tools, gaming consoles, computer peripherals, home automation systems (window/door opening detection), energy metering (for anti-tampering purposes) and the controls of domestic appliances.  


    More information at


  • High-speed inductive resolver MLX90510
    The MLX90510 is a high-speed inductive resolver IC used for absolute rotary motion/position sensing in safety critical automotive applications. It provides analog (sin/cos) outputs....

  • The MLX90510 is a high-speed inductive resolver IC used for absolute rotary motion/position sensing in safety critical automotive applications. Its main specifications benefit e-machine types of applications directly, and minimize the ECU effort required to get best-in-class accuracy under extreme mechanical and electrical conditions.

    The MLX90510 is designed to control an inductive transducer, process the captured analog sensor signal and provide differential Sine and Cosine outputs. The inductive sensor operation is based on the inductive coupling between a transmitting coil, the target and three receiver coils.

    With its innovative architecture, the MLX90510 brings several advantages:

    • The system propagation delay is trimmed to 0ns with a maximum of +/-120ns residual variations over the entire operating temperature range.
    • Input offset compensation and zero output-angle position adjustment are performed within the IC, lowering the effort on the ECU.
    • The 3-phase based coil design simplifies linearity optimization.
    • Decoupling between the input and output enables unprecedented EMC performances. It also ensures stable output amplitudes independently from the airgap related input signal strength.
    • The linearization feature, with up to 16 calibration points, deals with the non-linearities of challenging sensor modes like side-of-shaft.

    The MLX90510 has been developed as a SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) according to ISO 26262 and supports safety related system implementations up to ASIL C.

    For mass-production programming, the MLX90510 is compatible with the PTC04 (DB-HALL06, v3 or higher).


    • High speed absolute rotary position sensor
    • Motor position sensing (BLDC, PMSM, PMSR)
    • Traction motor
    • E-brake booster
    • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • 3D Magnetometer MX90392
    The MLX90392 is a 3D magnetometer especially designed for micropower cost-conscious applications and is available in versions:
    +/-5mT range for low-noise applications
    +/-50mT range for position sensor applications...

  • The MLX90392 is a monolithic sensor IC sensitive to the flux density applied orthogonally and parallel to the IC surface. The device makes magnetic measurement along the 3 axis (X, Y being in a plane parallel to the surface of the die, Z being perpendicular to the surface). Those measurements and the IC temperature are converted into 16-bit words which are transferred upon request over I2C communication channel. The device transmits compensated raw measurement data.

    Especially designed for low micropower applications, the MLX90392 features a power down current of 1.5uA, and operates on a 1.8V supply.

    MLX90392 simplifies designs!
    To begin with, it reduces bill-of-materials costs and saves PCB space. Measuring just 2 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.4 mm, the sensor features a UTDFN-8 ultra-thin flat no-lead 8-pin package to help designers tackle space-constrained applications. To continue, the MLX90392 internal parameter can be updated on the fly from the microcontroller I2C bus, thus eliminating the need for an extra pin. Simpler PCB can be achieved. 
    And finally, the MLX90392 comes pre-programmed, making it a plug & play solution to integrate.

    The MLX90392 is available in 2 magnetic versions:
    +/-5mT range for low-noise applications
    +/-50mT range for position sensor applications

    Application Examples:

    • Power tools - Screwdriver trigger
    • Home security- door window intrusion
    • Knobs for White goods
    • PC peripheral – Mouse roller
    • Gaming joystick
    • Anti-tamper for energy metering
  • Triaxis® Magnetic Position Sensor MLX90421
    The MLX90421 reinvents the Triaxis® Magnetic Position Sensor. It provides Analog or PWM output. It distinguishes itself with functional safety, improved EMC, AMR and an extended operating temperature range....

  • The MLX90421 reinvents the Triaxis® Magnetic Position Sensor. It provides Analog or PWM output.

    Intended for use in cost-sensitive automotive applications including powertrain actuators, pedal positioning, fuel level gauges and transmission systems, though also suitable for industrial implementations, these ICs have superior capabilities in terms of functional safety, Absolute Maximum Ratings (AMR) and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) characteristics. They also support heightened temperature operation up to 160 °C

    The MLX90421 is pin-to-pin compatible with the previous generations of Triaxis® position sensor ICs.

    The MLX90421 is a monolithic magnetic position sensor IC. It consists of a Triaxis® Hall magnetic front end, an analog to digital signal conditioner, a DSP for advanced signal processing and a programmable output stage driver.

    The MLX90421 is sensitive to the three components of the magnetic flux density applied to the ICs (i.e. Bx, By and Bz). Programming the sensor determines which axes are used to calculate a rotation or linear position. This allows the MLX90421, with the correct magnetic design, to calculate the absolute position of any moving magnet (e.g. rotary position from 0 to 360 Degrees, see Figure 2 - Application Modes). It enables the design of non-contacting position sensors that are frequently required for both automotive and industrial applications.

    The MLX90421 provides ratiometric analog or pulse width modulated (PWM) outputs. Programming the sensor, after assembly into the application, increases the accuracy of the system thanks to the multi-point programmable linearization function.

    The MLX90421 is compatible with the PTC04 (DB-HALL06) for mass-production programming.

    Application Examples

    • Absolute Rotary Position Sensor
    • Pedal Position Sensor
    • Throttle Position Sensor
    • Ride Height Position Sensor
    • Transmission Position Sensor
    • Absolute Linear Position Sensor
    • Steering Wheel Position Sensor
    • Float-Level Sensor
    • Non-Contacting Potentiometer
  • Miniature digital infrared thermometer MLX90632
    The MLX90632 is a miniature SMD thermometer IC for accurate non-contact temperature measurement, especially in thermally dynamic environments and when available space is limited. Medical and commercial grade versions are available....

  • The MLX90632 is a miniature SMD thermometer IC for accurate non-contact temperature measurement, especially in thermally dynamic environments and when available space is limited. Both medical and commercial grade versions are available.

    Primary applications for the medical grade version can be found in ear and forehead body thermometers, health monitoring wearables and point of care applications.

    The commercial grade version is applied in white goods, room temperature monitoring in smart thermostats or integration in portable electronics devices.

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