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Do you need a Pressure Sensor to fit your exact specifications in accuracy, range and long-term calibration stability? If the answer is yes, stop by Mensor's booth #1329 and discuss the possibilities. Mensor Pressure Sensors are ideally suited for OEM or end-user applications that require a high degree of accuracy and long-term stability. We are uniquely positioned to meet your specific application requirements.

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 Press Releases

  • New Premium Accuracy Specification for CPC6050 Modular Pressure Controller

    San Marcos, Texas, January 2022

    Accuracy options for the CPC6050 Modular Pressure Controller have been enhanced to offer more variety and better accuracy specifications. With these improvements, in addition to 0.01% FS and 0.01% IS-50, users can achieve premium accuracies of 0.008% FS, 0.008% IS-50, and 0.008% IS-33 with the CPR6050.

    The CPC6050 controller uses the CPR6050 pressure transducer as the standard measuring device. It offers up to four internal CPR6050s with instrument software that enables the operator to use them seamlessly between all ranges. A fully loaded CPC6050 can provide an accuracy of 0.008% of reading from 3,000 psi continuously down to 55 psi.

    The 0.008% IS-33 accuracy is available in absolute, gauge, and bi-directional pressure types. The absolute version has this premium capability from 0 to 15 psi up to 1,515 psi, while the gauge version allows ranges from 0 to 15 psi up to 1,500 psi. The 0.008% IS-33 bi-directional offering is from -15 to 145 psi up to 1,500 psi. While the transducer accuracy is drastically improved, Mensor’s innovative characterization process allows the calibration interval to remain at 365 days. The 0.008% FS and 0.008% IS-50 accuracy classes is offered in all ranges that the 0.01% FS and 0.01% IS-50 are available.

    “For the last 50 years, Mensor has maintained a reputation of accuracy, excellence, and innovation. This upgraded accuracy in the CPC6050 is the latest step in our ongoing endeavor to remain the industry leader,” said Jason Otto, President of Mensor LP.

    With improved capability and competitive pricing, combined with the 0.008% accuracy class, the CPC6050 is one of the market's most accurate and affordable controllers. This advancement allows more flexibility and greater calibration encompassment for users performing high-accuracy calibrations. Additionally, IntelliScale accuracies like IS-50 and IS-33 offer an advanced dynamic range using fewer transducers.

    The high accuracy CPR6050 is also compatible as an additional transducer for all existing CPC6050 controllers that are using the previous CPR6050 model.

    - - - - 

    Since its founding in 1969, Mensor has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest, high-accuracy, pressure measuring, calibration, controlling instruments and test systems available. Through the years, Mensor has developed an international reputation for high-quality products and services in the precision pressure instrumentation market.

    Mensor Media Contact
    Aaron Rayner
    Director of Marketing
    512.396.4200 xt 218


  • CPC6050 — Highly Configurable, Maximum Flexibility
    The highly configurable pressure controller model CPC6050 modular pressure controller offers maximum flexibility to best suit the customers’ requirements....

  • Applications

    • Healthcare and avionics industry
    • Industry (laboratory, workshop, and production)
    • Transmitter and pressure gauge manufacturers
    • Calibration service companies and the service industry
    • Research and development laboratories

    Special features

    Pressure ranges: -1 ... 210 bar (-15 ... 3,045 psi)

    Control speed 15 s

    Control stability < 0.003 % FS (typical 0.001 % FS)

    Accuracy down to 0.01 % IS (IntelliScale)

    Precision 0.004 % FS

    The highly configurable pressure controller model CPC6050 modular pressure controller offers maximum flexibility to best suit the customers’ requirements. The pressure controller can have up to two independent pressure regulating channels that can operate simultaneously. Each channel can have up to two sensors. The instrument can also have an optional barometric reference for gauge or absolute pressure emulation. This instrument can be specified as a desktop or 19" rack-mounting kit.

    The pressure controller offers many applications within calibration laboratories and production environments because of its pressure range -1 … 210 bar (-15 … 3,045 psi) and accuracy down to 0.01 % IS-50. Its ability to control pressures as low as 25 mbar (10" of H20) with high stability makes it the ideal calibration and verification solution for healthcare and aerospace industries. Simultaneous calibration channels, interchangeable plug-and-play pressure sensors, and an intuitive GUI make the pressure controller CPC6050 an easy-to-use and maintain instrument.

    The touchscreen, along with an intuitive user interface, provides maximum ease of use. A large number of menu languages add to its operability. In addition to specifying a certain pressure set point either by entering it via touchscreen or sending it via remote interface, the pressure can be changed in defined, programmable step sizes using the STEP buttons. Moreover, the user can also easily create extensive test programs using the instrument menu. Depending on the application, the rate of control can be either pre-set precision, high speed, or a user-defined variable rate.

    The WIKA-CAL calibration software enables the convenient calibration of pressure measuring instruments and the generation of test certificates. Additionally, the pressure controller can also be remotely controlled using the serial command formats, the Mensor standard, SCPI or further optional command sets are available.

  • CPC3050 — fastest, most accurate
    The model CPC3050 high-speed pressure controller is designed with a primary focus on improving throughput in a manufacturing or calibration process...

  • Applications

    • High-speed controlling
    • End of line production testing
    • Pressure calibration
    • Automotive, oil and gas industry

    Special features

    • Pressure ranges: -1 ... 210 bar [-15 ... 3,045 psi]
    • Control speed < 4 seconds for 25 % FS steps
    • Accuracy: to 0.02 % FS
    • PACE emulation


    The model CPC3050 high-speed pressure controller is designed with a primary focus on improving throughput in a manufacturing or calibration process. Offering pressure ranges as low as 0 ... 350 mbar [0 ... 5 psi] up to 210 bar [3,045 psi], the CPC3050 can be the solution for multiple applications. This controller can be configured as a desktop or as a 19" rack-mounting version.

    Capable of two internal reference sensors and a barometric reference, a single CPC3050 can provide a wide range of pressure control and also emulate both absolute or gauge pressure types. The removable sensors provide more flexibility for customer needs, whether it be spare sensors or various ranges.

    The CPC3050 has an accuracy of 0.02 % FS and uses a regulator technology that is designed specifically for high-speed pressure control; ideal for end of line testing of an automated production and manufacturing line. 

    Along with the high speed, the 0.02 % FS accuracy provides adequate calibration requirements for numerous instruments designed for the automotive and oil/gas industry.

    The CPC3050 high-speed pressure controller can be operated locally through a simple and intuitive menu that allows users to control and measure pressure.

    Additionally, it is capable of remote control with software that can drive all the same functions as local operation. Using serial, USB, Ethernet or GPIB, the CPC3050 can be completely setup to function automatically in a process and achieve optimal output of a manufacturing process. With the Mensor legacy command set, along with PACE emulated commands, it can also be a solution for previously defined software.

  • CPG2500 Digital Pressure Indicator
    The model CPG2500 digital pressure indicator is used in calibration laboratories and manufacturing facilities as a source for precise pressure measurement....

  • Applications of the digital pressure indicator

    • Pressure standard for calibration laboratories
    • Transfer standard with external sensor
    • Pressure instrument manufacturing
    • Differential pressure measurement
    • Simultaneous 3-channel pressure monitoring

    Special Features of the digital pressure indicator

    • Pressure ranges from 0 ... 2.890 bar (0 ... 42,000 psi)
    • Removable/interchangeable pressure sensors
    • Accuracy down to 0.008% IS-33 (IntelliScale)
    • External pressure sensor up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi)

    The CPG2500 is used to verify the accuracy of field pressure indicators/transmitters or as a laboratory standard and wherever there is a need for a high level of pressure accuracy in manufacturing, testing and calibration of pressure instruments or gauges.

    The digital pressure indicator CPG2500 can be configured with one, two or three pressure sensors. Two sensors are internal, and the third is external. The pressure sensors of the digital pressure indicator are pneumatically isolated so that one channel can be configured with a sensor as high as 2,890 bar (42,000 psi) and another as low as 25 mbar / 10 inH2O at the same time. An optional barometric sensor can be added internally to display barometric pressure or used to emulate gauge or absolute pressure. Pressure ranges for each channel are specified by the customer.

    The built-in pressure sensors of the digital pressure indicator are available as standard and premium sensors. As an external reference pressure sensor, Mensor’s CPT9000, CPT6100 or CPT6180 precision pressure sensors are used.

    The advantage of IntelliScale and removable sensors
    With the IntelliScale specification, each sensor is calibrated so that the accuracy in the lower part of the measuring range is referenced to a fixed error, and in the upper part of the measuring range the accuracy is referenced to the measured value. Three sensors can be configured so that the percent of reading portions of their ranges are contiguous, giving a percent of reading uncertainty over a wide range.
    In addition, each reference pressure sensor is removable and interchangeable which allows an external recalibration and range changes while minimising downtime.

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