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Empower Your IIoT Network& smart sensor w InPlay's In100 SoC

InPlay Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor company that's changing the game in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and connected sensors. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering innovative, low-latency,long range and low power wireless connectivity solutions that help organizations and developers unlock the full potential of IoT. Our System-on-Chip (SoC) technology is specifically designed for advanced IoT applications and has received widespread recognition and awards for its reliability and ease-of-use.

Over the past few years, InPlay has developed several proprietary technologies that have disrupted the IoT landscape. Our NanoBeacon™ is the world's first No Code Bluetooth Beacon SoC, making it easier for organizations to deploy and manage wireless sensor networks. Additionally, our patented SMULL technology offers synchronous multi-node ultra-low latency wireless networking, enabling cable replacement applications such as wireless BMS.

Brands: NanoBeacon™;SMULL (Synchronous Multi-node Ultra Low Latency)

 Press Releases

  • IRVINE, Calif.May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- InPlay Inc, a provider of innovative wireless connectivity SoC technology is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors, a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, aimed at revolutionizing the development of connected sensors. The collaboration leverages InPlay's award-winning NanoBeacon™ IN100 SoC and NXP's ultra-low power 3-axis accelerometers, magnetic switch and pressure sensors to offer customers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution.

    The In100 SoC is a powerful and efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon solution that is built on InPlay's proprietary ultra-low-power SoC design platform using Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.3 technology. It is the world's first no-code Bluetooth Low Energy beacon solution and eliminates the need for software programming, making it a game-changer for connected sensor developers. With a provided configuration tool, developers can easily configure the device for various operational modes based on their application needs without any code.

    NXP has a rich history of supplying sensors for automotive, industrial IoT, and medical markets. NXP's next-generation sensors, including ultra-low power 3-axis accelerometers FXLS8974CF and FXLS896xAF for motion wake-up applications, magnetic switch NMH1000 and absolute pressure sensors MPL3115A2S and FXPQ3115BVS, are enabling transformation across a range of industrial IoT and medical applications. Integrating sensing technologies from NXP with IN100 will enable a comprehensive ecosystem for connected sensors platforms, allowing customers to expand addressable markets and explore new use-cases. Customers can gain additional value by combining TPMS (NTM88) product with IN100 for automotive applications.

    The combination of the IN100 SoC and NXP's sensors provides a highly optimized and flexible solution that is designed to meet the most demanding performance and power requirements. This solution makes it easier for developers to develop connected sensors quickly and easily for a wide range of applications, including industrial IoT, automotive, and consumer electronics.

    "We are thrilled to be collaborating with NXP," said Jason Wu, cofounder, and CEO of InPlay Inc.  "This collaboration will allow us to bring our cutting-edge no-code technology to a wider audience, making the development of connected sensors easier and more accessible than ever before."

    "NXP is always looking for ways to enhance our customers' experience and help them stay ahead of the curve with the latest in sensor technology," said Dave Monk, Vice President and General Manager of the Motion Sensor Product Line at NXP Semiconductors. "NXP knows what it takes to build connectivity solutions that enable next generation use cases and our collaboration with InPlay will enable our customers to explore new use cases and applications in a wider range of vertical markets where power and remote connectivity are crucial to success. Now almost any NXP sensor can be a smart connected sensor, with minimal effort from the developer, helping to expand the reach of the IoT."

    This strategic collaboration between InPlay and NXP is a major milestone in the evolution of connected sensor technology. With InPlay's innovative no-code Bluetooth Low Energy SoC solutions and NXP's expertise in sensors and system solutions, customers can expect a complete ecosystem that is designed to meet their needs and simplify the development process. We are excited to bring this new offering to market and continue to drive innovation in the industry.

    About InPlay Inc

    InPlay Inc is a fabless semiconductor company whose mission is to provide highly scalable, low-latency, low-power wireless communications technologies that unlock the vast potential of the VR/AR, healthcare and wireless industrial IoT markets. The company was founded by a group of wireless engineers experienced in wireless and mobile communication systems with unique technologies in RF, analog mixed-signal circuits and low-power circuit design. InPlay has a research and development team in Irvine, California, with operations and business development in both the United States and China. More information can be found at

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    Emmy Chang
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  • IN100 NanoBeacon™ No-Code Bluetooth® Beacon SoC
    InPlay's IN100 NANOBEACON SoC is the world's first no code Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Beacon solution enabling super tiny asset tracking and remote sensor applications....

  • IN100 NanoBeacon™ Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacon SoC

    InPlay's SoC is the world's first no code Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Beacon solution

    Image of InPlay's IN100 NanoBeacon™ SoC and Evaluation Kit

    NanoBeacon IN100: World's First No-Code Bluetooth Sensor Beacon SoC in Ultra-Slim WLCSP.

    Introducing the groundbreaking NanoBeacon IN100, a pioneering stride in the realm of compact wireless connectivity. This unrivaled SoC, embedded in a Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) that measures a mere 1.1x2.0x0.35mm, marks its position as the world's smallest and first no-code Bluetooth Sensor Beacon, blending unparalleled simplicity with advanced functionality.


    1. **No-Code Platform:** The IN100 offers a seamless, code-free environment, accelerating smart IoT device creation.

    2. **Ultra-Compact WLCSP Package:** With a minimal footprint of just 1.1x2.0x0.35mm, the IN100's WLCSP packaging ensures optimal performance while maximizing space-efficiency in your hardware design.

    3. **Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity:** Harness the power of next-gen Bluetooth for efficient, high-speed data transmission.

    4. **Integrated Sensor Hub:** With an integrated sensor hub, the IN100 is poised to transform your device into a multi-functional IoT tool.

    5. **Energy Efficient:** Built with energy-efficiency at its core, the IN100 aids in prolonging your device's battery life, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

    The NanoBeacon IN100 – the fusion of no-code technology with compact design – is a leap into the future of wireless connectivity.

    More information below.

    InPlay Inc's IN100 NanoBeacon SoC is a powerful and efficient BLE beacon solution that is built on their proprietary ultra-low-power SoC design platform using Bluetooth 5.3 technology and is considered a breakthrough in BLE beacon technology. The IN100 eliminates the need for software programming, making it a no code required SoC design. A configuration tool is provided for developers to configure the device for various operational modes based on their application needs.

    The chipset offers a cost-effective solution in terms of chip cost and the required eBOM. In active RFID tag designs, three external components are typically required to complete the product design. The chipset is notable for its small size thanks to the DFN8 package measuring  1.1x2.0x0.35 mm,2.5x2.5x 0.55mm or 3x3x0.55mm, making it suitable for low-profile, space-limited tag product designs. The chipset is specifically designed to be low power enabling the beacon tag to easily operate for more than 10 years on a single-cell battery which makes the SoC ideal for applications that require a low-power and low-cost BLE beacon solution.

    The IN100 supports a variety of sensor interfaces including analog and digital. Developers can easily connect the IN100 to a sensor, configure its threshold, and once the threshold is reached, wirelessly publish alerts or raw sensor data information via its Bluetooth air interface.

    The IN1BN-DKC0-100-C0 is an easy-to-use customer evaluation and development system that allows the user to quickly start configuring and testing the IN100 chipset. The system consists of three development boards (IN100 chipset-based tag boards) and one programming board.

    • 2.4 GHz ISM RF frequency band and 2.36 GHz MedRadio band
    • Bluetooth 5.3 technology for increased range and improved power efficiency
    • Eliminates the need for software programming making it a no code required SoC design
      • Provided configuration tool for developers to configure the device for various operational modes based on their application needs
    • Compact size: WCSP 1x2.x0/35 mm
    • Multi-year battery life with adjustable transmission power:
      • Sub-µW power consumption
      • Sleep current: 650 nA (min.)
    • iBeacon and Eddystone support for seamless integration with Apple and Android devices
    • Analog sensor interface with up to four channels
    • Digital I2C sensor interface support
    • UART host interface support
    • Built-in ultra-low leakage load switches
    • Enhanced security:
      • Authentication of Beacon ID
      • Privacy of advertising data payload
    • On-chip RF matching reduces the development time and eBOM
    • Wide operating voltage range: 1.1 V to 3.6 V
    • Industrial temperature range
    • Ultra-low cost
    • Retail and retail marketing
    • Asset tracking
    • Industrial automation
    • Proximity marketing
    • Real-time indoor location systems
    • IoT endpoints

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