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    Uneo Inc. is a pressure sensor company with ability to design, manufacture, and implement system intergration. Uneo sensors are involved in various fields, such as consumer electronics, furnitures, sports, medicals, wearable devices, and industrial equipments. Sensors of Uneo Inc. are all made in Taiwan. Uneo Pressure Sensor,... Learn More

  • Plan Optik AG (Elsoff, Germany) and 4JET microtech (Alsdorf, Germany) have jointly developed a process chain for the highly productive production of metallized through-glass vias. The new VLIS process (short for Volume Laser Induced Structuring) enables the production of high-precision TGV (“Through Glass Vias”) for advanced packaging in glass wafers, or... Learn More

  • The Hydrogen economy is upon us. More and more, in the upcoming future, hydrogen will be used to decarbonize entire economic sectors, from heavy industry to natural gas substitute in gas grids, to fuel cells as alternative to internal combustion and electric batteries. A global sustainability effort is undergoing to... Learn More

  • The SCU's Internet of Things Research Lab (SIOTLAB) focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of Internet of Things systems. The lab's researchers mainly target application domains such as smart homes, medical monitoring, industrial process control and automation, environmental monitoring, sustainable environment, and structural health monitoring, to mention a few.... Learn More

  • Mont-Saint-Guibert, 9th May 2023 – VOCSens unveils EnviCam®-30, its 1st generation of multi-gas microsensor addressing the request for actionable gas concentration data in Smart Building, Chemical, Agri-food & Recycling market segments. This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled selectivity, long operating lifetime, and a small form factor that sets a new standard in the... Learn More