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For over three decades, Endress+Hauser Sensors&Components has been creating customer-specific sensors. Our efficient application team continues to develop new and innovative solutions for personalized process measurement technology that can be seamlessly integrated and rapidly industrialized.

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  • They deliver precise measuring values, offer digital interfaces, can easily be integrated into systems and have a low power-consumption: With the sensors from Endress+Hauser Sensors&Components, customers receive customized solutions. The business unit Sensors&Components is showcasing its portfolio at Sensors Converge in Santa Clara, California.

    Sensors&Components | Endress+Hauser Level+Pressure focuses on the needs and wishes of its customers. The high-quality sensors and components work precisely and consistently. They reduce costs throughout the life cycle of the customer's product and make it safe and reliable. Sensors&Components has been at home in the energy industry, environmental industry, shipbuilding industry, life sciences and medical technology for more than 30 years and has in-depth knowledge of the respective requirements.

    At the Sensors Converge trade show booth in Santa Clara, CA USA, Sensors&Components will be presenting a wide range of different radar and pressure sensors - here is the overview:

    The new radar sensors and modules for level monitoring

    The USR30 radar sensor is the smallest size in the Endress+Hauser Sensors&Components radar family. It offers the complete functionality of the UTR30, but without a housing. For further processing, the digital output signal is provided by means of a UART-communication (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter). The UTR30 free-radiating radar module is a real all-rounder that is particularly suitable for monitoring levels in liquids or solids.
    The radar sensor is available in different versions, from the pure sensor (USR30) to the customized radar module (UTR30) with defined electrical interface. The time-of-flight principle with FMCW used in the module allows for accurate, non-contact measurements in tanks and silos up to 35 meters deep, as well as for surface water level measurements. Furthermore, the radar sensor is the ideal  fit for battery applications due to its low energy consumption.

    Proven gauge and absolute pressure sensors

    The Ceracore USC30 and USC70 gauge and absolute capacitive ceramic pressure sensors are the basis of all customized pressure transducers. The sensors differ in size and therefore also in dimensions of the finished pressure transducer. The customers of Sensors&Components have the option of developing housings and process connections themselves. And on request, mounting parts and supporting mounting instructions for individual installation can be provided.
    The capacitive ceramic pressure sensor USC30 is the core component of the modular UTC30 system. The UTC30 pressure transducer is available in different housings up to a completely customized design. The process connection and output signal can be configured according to customer specifications. The pressure transducer is individually pressure and temperature compensated and tested in the factory.

    Differential pressure sensors for various applications

    The differential pressure sensors Deltacore USD50B and USD70 are the basis for the construction of high-quality differential pressure transmitters. The oil-filled piezoresistive sensors with welded metal diaphragm are typically used in the process and environmental industries. Applications include level, volume or mass measurement in liquids, differential pressure monitoring, for example of filters and pumps, and flow measurement (volume or mass flow). The sensors are uncompensated which allows customers to compensate and calibrate them according to their relevant application. Both sensors are available with different filling oils and diaphragm materials.

    The sensors can be configured online

    The MySensor concept from Sensors&Components, enables visitors of the Sensors&Components | Endress+Hauser Level+Pressure website with a step-by-step configuration to put together a first version of their capacitive ceramic pressure transducer. Customers can choose the sensor size and between different process connection options. Analogue or digital output signals or all-in-one can be selected. A range of standardised measuring ranges up to 100 bar (1,500 psi) are available and customer-specific measuring ranges can be set. In cooperation with the customer the requirements of the pressure transducer is matched to the needs of the customer application. If needed the housing of the pressure transducer can be customized. The goal is a pressure transducer that fits perfectly into the customer's product.
    At the SensorsConverge tradeshow the Sensors&Components team will exhibit the different available sensor configurations of the MySensor concept and can support you on your first step to the right sensor for your application.