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Camarillo,  CA 
United States
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A global sensor technology and printed electronics company.

Interlink Electronics is a trusted global leader in the successful commercialization of printed electronics especially for force sensing in human machine interface (HMI) applications. Now also offering membrane keypads, graphic overlays and related products under the Calman Technology brand which was recently acquired by Intelrink.  In addition, providing gas sensing and instrumentation using novel printed electrochemical gas sensor technology under the SPEC Sensors, ECO Sensors and KWJ Engineering brands whichnow part of our expanding range of sensor technologies. With this broad technology planform Interlink Electronics continues to deliver rugged and reliable HMI solutions as well as gas sensing solutions for mission-critical applications in a wide range of markets, including, but not limited to consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, rugged computing, robotics, industrial, and medical devices.

Brands: Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) - 400 Series, VersaPad, DuraPoint, MicroJoystick, MicroModule, FSLP Sensor, Ring Sensor, MicroNav 360. ECO Sensors, SPEC Sensors, KWJ Engineering. Calman Technology.


  • Digital Gas Sensors, Modules and Instruments.
    Digital Gas Sensor platform
    Wide range of gases, O3, CO, H2S, NO2, SO2, VOC, NH3, H2, ethanol and others
    Sensor elements
    Calibrated sensors
    Low power, low cost
    High volume manufacturing
    Custom engineering, sensor development and integration support


  • SPEC Sensors is making it easy for Internet of Things developers to integrate gas sensing in their products. Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Air Pollution Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality, and Breath Analysis are some of the gas sensing applications that demand high performance measurement. Electrochemical gas sensing technology is the preferred solution for these applications due to measurement performance and the ultra-low power consumption needed for battery operation. SPEC Sensors has overcome the physical size and mass market volume limitations that have constrained market adoption of electrochemical gas sensing in consumer products. The Digital Gas Sensor Developer Kit will allow OEMs to quickly integrate gas sensing into their application(s). 

    In addition to gas sensor modules,  low-cost, ultra-small, low-power, printed electrochemical (EC) sensor elements are also available for integration by OEM's.  There are availble for multiple gases.  Fully calibrated sensor elements are also available.  

    In addition, we offer a range of instruments under the ECO Sensor brand that are industry leading for ozone, CO, methane, VOC, SO2 and NO2.  

    If you need help with integration of our sensor elemnts, modules or instruments we have a team of skilled scientists and engineers who can provide you with support for successful integration.  

  • Membrane Keypads
    From simple small non-tactile membrane switch panels to large, feature rich, membrane keyboards in complex assemblies, we can provide the solution required....

  • Membrane keypads can have non-tactile, metal dome tactile and polydome tactile keys or buttons. And a combination of different tactile effects and forces can be combined in one membrane keypad product. The same is true for embossing where membrane keypads can combine pillow, rim or dome embossing with flat non-embossed keys. Different sizes and shape of embossing can also be combined, even logos can be embossed.

    • Metal Dome - stainless, nickel, gold
    • Polydome Tactile - graphic circuit
    • Pillow Emboss - shapes, size
    • Operating Force
    • Switch size
  • Printed Electronics Solutions
    Almost 40 years of printed electronics expertise in designing, developing and commercializing sensors and related devices. Over 250 million sensors manufactured. Reputation for high quality, low cost and best in class customer service....

  • Printed electronics capablities for low, medium and high volume manufacturing.

    Vertically integrated.

    Functional materails development and optimzation.  

    Sensor design, optimization and integration.  

  • Force, piezoelectric sensors and modules
    Force, piezoelectric sensors and modules.
    Next-generation force sensing arrives with the FSR X 400 series of piezoresistive force sensors. Its extended sensing range spans 0.3 N to 50 N

  • The New Standard in Force Sensing

    Interlink Electronics' signature line of Force Sensing Resistors® are available with multiple sensing ranges.  Through mode and shunt mode options depending on the specific customer needs.  Force sensing range from 0 to 300N. 

    While we offer a range of standard off-th-shelf sensors we offer full customisation to support the unique application and integration needs of our customers.  Our expereicned techncial team will work with you to provide the best sensing solution for your needs.

    Now also offering a range of polymer piezoelectric sensing options that allow strain, vibriation and force to be measured in a diverse range of applications.  We will work with you to design the singal acquisition and processing electronics and also the algorithms to extract the maximum data from the sensor solution.  

    Don't forget we also offer a range of position, mouse sensors and resitive trackpad solutions.  Please speak to our techncial team about your application and we can give you examples of our rich history of successful implementations of all of our sensor solutions.

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