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Korean Professional Nail Brand, DIAMI

Since 2009, we have been providing "Creative, Innovative, and Playful" products and nail art designs.

If you are looking for something new (fun, easy, attractive) items in your nail services, come & see!

  • The world-easiest nail extension - DIAMI Canoe Tip System
  • No damage to natural nails yet super long lasting base gel - DIAMI Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel
  • Full swarovski crystal nails, super long lasting
  • Cartoon nail art - Ponygello, 200+ more cream type soft color gel in jar

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 Show Specials

  • Show Special!

    • Average 60% off from retail price!
    • Demonstration the World Easiest Gel Nail Extension System! (please come with your natural nails! No soak off service here)
    • If buy accessories, our top artist will do your ONE finger nail using those accessories to show how to do! (please come without jewelry, swarovski, crystal nails on your nails for service)
    • and more secret bargain only for the show!

 Press Releases

  • DIAMI comes to USA first time in their history, while the brand name spreads fast among US nail professionals. Nail artists from the States are interested in many of their products, among them, the Canoe Tips are the best in 2020. 

    DIAMI Canoe Tips Extension is the world's easiest nail extension system with tips and soft gel. No glue, no filing, no dust, no odor, no builder gel, no hard gel, no harm; but yes to fast, easy, soak off, soft gel, long lasting, better for natural nails.

    This system requires only two items: DIAMI Canoe Tips and DIAMI Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel(hereafter "FSG gel").

    Once you prepared your natural nails, you only need (1) to apply FSG gel on the surface of natural nail and on the back of a Canoe Tip matching to the natural nail (12 sizes); (2) slowly press the tip to the natural nail by checking any bubbles and shape; and (3) conveniently curing with DIAMI PinCure LED Lamp by watching or pinching the nail tips for better shape. For 10 fingers, 10-20 minutes are enough to complete nail extension! No filing at all! No prep for nail tips!

    Why is it possible? The shape of tips is sophisticately designed in its structure to match natural nails. Once you touch, you will understand that.

    Is any clear gel okay to use? Well, DIAMI Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel is very famous for its strong, long-lasting yet no-harmful features as a base gel, and known to be great in self-leveling as a clear gel. The characters as a base gel and those as a clear gel together make every benefits of this system possible! This FSG gel prevents nails from hot feeling as well. 

    This is much revolution to nail extension system. This is a great alternative for any traditional nail extension system. DIAMI provides Canoe Tips in peach & clear color, with beautiful oval shape, Corn tips with stiletto nail shapes, which is also good for curved natural nails, and Easy Full Tips with short round and short oval shapes.

    If you want to experience, come to booth #2247 at the "Beauty Experience New York" during March 8-10, 2020. This is DIAMI's first visit to USA and they are ready to show everything that you want to know. DIAMI bring top products among their brand. You can fully enjoy items, trend, nail art design providing the Korea No.1 Professional Nail Brand.



    Myunghee Park, CEO & CMO

    Email : pmh@diami.co.kr


    Since 2011, DIAMI provides creative, innovative, and playful nail art products. By opening a door to countless nail art design using the features of products, DIAMI has been recognized by many nail professionals in Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, USA, Germary, and Africa. If you want to know about us? Come and See. This is our first time to land USA. 


  • DIAMI Canoe Tips Nail Extension
    The world easiest soft gel nail extension system with beautiful oval shape. Together with Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel, this extension only takes 10-20 mins! Very strong and long lasting nail extension. Easy to soak off!...

  • The world's easiest soft gel nail extension system.

    Together with Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel, nail extension takes only 10-20 mins for 10 fingers!

    12 sizes & 360 tips in total

     - No filing

     - No dust

     - No builder gel

     - No damage

     - No hot feeling

     - Yes soft gel

     - Yes soak off

     - Yes long lasting

  • DIAMI Feel So Good Base & Clear Gel
    As a base gel, this is very strong and long lasting. As a Clear gel, this is great in self-leveling. Natural nails are protected by hypo-allergenic ingredients and gel nails lasting long with high density structure....

  • This is a base and clear gel. Very strong and great in self-leveling.

    Natural nails are protected by hypo-allergenic ingredients and gel nails last long with high density structure. This base gel just feel so good with light feeling after curing. You can use this clear gel to make a well-balanced surface (convex) of the nails and this will enhance the look of simple full color coat. Gel wrapping for broken nails and full Swarovski crystal nails with this products last long very well.

    30 seconds in a LED lamp or 60 seconds in a traditional UV lamp.

    Average Lasting Period : 20~30 days

    Average Soak-Off Time : 10-15 mins by wrapping with foil.

  • DIAMI Ponygello 200 colors
    Chocolate Melting Touch - smoothly melting surface with self-leveling
    Full HD Color Shade - all together 200 colors, must-have & trendy colors, matching greatly together with color theory...

  • Imagine every gel nail art possible.

    With this one little cute soft gel jar system, you can do every single of art design including cartoon nail arts, lining, plaid nails, French nails, water-painted nail arts, and more! Of course, full coloring is the easiest one in this system!

    •  Just like that! Vivid Color! - Great color formation. The exact same color on your nails as you see in jars!
    • Mix & Match! Absolutely fantastic formulation of sophisticated colors! Matching greatly among series based on color theories! (The world' first gel system with color theories!)
    • Stay there! - Ponygello will stay there, if you say so. Ponygello never mess up your nails by dropping down or shrinking!
    • My perfect Soak-off Hero! - 5 mins miracle by Ponygello aiming ZERO % of damaging nails!
    • What a GOOD Girls! - only cosmetic ingredients that are better for natural nails ever!

    20 to 45 seconds in LED lamp or 40 to 90 seconds in a traditional UV lamp

    Average Lasting Period : 20~30 days unde our gel system

    Average Soak-off time : 5~15 minutes by wrapping with foil under our gel system 

  • DIAMI Nail Accessories
    Full Crystal Nail Design - beautifully long lasting!...

  • DIAMI is famous in Korea for its unique nail accessories created with swarovski stones. Its unique crystal nail design are big hit in Asian market. With DIAMI products and DIAMI educator's technique, you can also create beautifully long lasting nails with full of jewelries. 
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