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Skin Professional Dead Sea Cosmetics

SKIN Laboratories, with the assistance of professional scientists, researched and have developed several products for treatment, rehabilitation and preservation of the skin. These products, which include the unique healing powers of the Dead Sea minerals, are combined with additional ingredients such as black caviar and high concentrations of vitamins to create even more stunning results.

The ingredients are contained in mini capsules that keep the vitamins fresh for a long p...eriod of time. When the product is used, the mini capsules melt and the vitamins slowly absorb into the deep layers of the facial skin. The skin is then nourished with the necessary ingredients that are no longer naturally produced due to the aging process, free radicals, climate and sun damage, pollution, hormonal problems and various health conditions which damage the normal production of skin cells.

The purpose of these products being introduced by SKIN Laboratories is to improve skin conditions, in a quick and easy treatment that is highly effective. Enjoy a healthy, youthful appearance that only nature and SKIN Laboratories can achieve. Each series is suited to various skin conditions.