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Yeongdeunqpo,  Seoul 
Korea (South)
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HAYEJIN is a Korean expression meaning a heart as deep and beautiful as the sky.


HAYEJIN cosmetics are formulated to strengthen skin barriers with botanical & natural ingredients.

Our belief on the purity of nature makes mild products for all ages, all skin types and all skin tones, as all of our products completed skin non-irritation test and certified CPNP. We have minimized chemical-based ingredients, and chosen natural value and energy to help your skin moist, glowing, vitalizing and enriched. 

It is HAYEJIN's intention to shine your own beautiful light.

Brands: HAYEJIN (Blessing of Sprout_Radiance Toner/Enriched Serum/Vitality Cream, Flowers Pink Moisturizing/Tea tree Green Calming/Jeju Oxygen Water Blue Vitalizing Sheet Mask)

 Press Releases


  • Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum
    Skin irritation test completed!
    A silky serum containing the concentrated nutrients of lotus seed, sprouts, and centella aciatica, which makes skin bright and glowing.

  • Desctription

    Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum gently and quickly absorb into the skin, allwoing you to experience illuminated skin!


    ① Promoting SKIN HEALTH and primary POWER of skins

    - The pure energy of lotus seed germ extract and sprouts are quickly absorbed for your smooth skin.

    ② Intensive MOISTURE and nutrient-based BRIGHTENING care

    - Fast-acting, yet penetrating moisture and nutrients helps a clear and translucent skin complexion.


    - Containing Centella Asiatica extract and 8 types of amino acids for damaged skin care and boosted resilience while fortifying the skin barrier.


  • Blessing of Sprout Radiance Toner
    Skin irritation test completed!
    Special radiance capsules of toner makes skin shining and dewy.

  • Desctription

    Blessing of Sprout Radiance Toner helps your skin to be clear and bright with the special radiance capsules!


    ① transparent RADIANCE CAPSULE

    - The radiance capsules naturally absorb into the skin for your shining complexion while replenishing radiance of the skin.

    ② VITALITY of nature

    - Natural botanical sprouts, Lotus seed germ extract and 10 types of herb supply vitality into fatigued skins.

    ③ MILD daily care

    - Naturally replenished moisture without any sticky sensation for the fresh finish and quickly absorbed.


  • Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream
    Skin irritation test completed!
    Firming cream contains the power of resurrection plant and Shea butter, which help boost your skin resilience.

  • Desctription

    Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream keeps both oil and moisture of your skin with its elastic texture and unique ingredients!


    ① ELASTIC TEXTURE for firmly finishing of skincare

    - As you can feel with the tip of your finger, HAYEJIN cream absorb gently and finely into the skin with its elastic texture.

    ② INTENSIVE CARE with the power of resurrection plant

    - The essential extract from wild resurrection plants of desert control the cell moisture layer and deliver abundant moisture to any fatigued skin.

    ③ NATURAL STRENGTH of the skin barrier

    - Unique ingredients, such as resurrection plant, lotus seed and 4 types of sprout, helps your skin to restore the balance and skin barrier.


  • HAYEJIN Mask Sheet (3 Types)
    HAYEJIN Cuddle of Flowers Pink Moisturizing Sheet Mask
    HAYEJIN Cuddle of Tea tree Green Calming Sheet Mask
    HAYEJIN Cuddle of Jeju Oxiygen Water Blue Vitalizing Sheet Mask...

  • Desctription

    HAYEJIN's Cuddle of Nature Sheet Mask Series! 

    The ultra thin skin-fitting sheet contacts with any shapes of face perfectly and helps nutritions get into skins!


    ★ Cuddle of Flowers Pink Moisturizing Sheet Mask

    - Damask rose extract / 7 types of Tahiti flowers / Vitamin B5

    - The PINK energy replenishes moisture and nutrient of skins to make them silky and smooth.


     Cuddle of Tea tree Green Calming Sheet Mask

    Tea tree leaf extract / Tea tree essential oil / 3 Types of Centella Aciatica

    - The GREEN energy soothes sensitive and fatigued skins, so that fortifies the skin barrier and restores the skin vitality.


     Cuddle of Jeju Oxygen Water Blue Vitalizing Sheet Mask

    Jeju mineral oxygen water / Jeju volcanic bedrock water / Jeju seaweed complex / Iodine Derivatives

    - The BLUE energy restores the healthy and protectivity of skins and deliver rich and nourishing elements to the skins.


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