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Korea (South)
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Cutting-edge Cell Bio Cosmeceutical Company

Kangstem Dermalab is a cell bio cosmeceutical company that strives to lead cosmeceutical market world-wide and actualize human health and beauty with combined technology of bio science and stem cell conditioned media. Meet the cutting-edge technology cosmetic brands: GD11 and Benestem.

Brands: GD11 is a premium skin-care brand that offers strong anti-aging effect with intensive care program. Benestem is a mild daily-care brand co-designed with Dongwha Pharm. It is enjoyable to all skin type.

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  • Rx SCM-C5
    Professional dermatology skin care program for intensive premium care.
    With 50,000ppm of Human Cord Blood Stem Cell Condition Media, it offers total anti-aging effect....

  • The precious essence of life for reverse-aging.

    Rx SCM-C5 contains 50,000 ppm of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Conditioned Media that has exceeding effect on regeneration, wrinkle care, pigmentation and enhancing skin elasticity. It is in freeze-dried form to protect 89 various proteins (active ingredients) that are helpful to the skin health. Mixed with Rx SCM-S right before use, it softly dissolves to be nutritive liquid that quickly absorbs deeply into the skin layer.  

    Rx SCM-S is a solution that is designed to be used with Rx SCM-C5. As an optimized active ingredients transporter, it quickly and deeply delivers proteins in Rx SCM-C5 into the skin and supply moisture at the same time. 

  • Raising Power Ball Mask
    New concept of sleeping mask that cares your skin throughout the night.
    In freeze-dried powder ball form, it freshly keeps active ingredients until usage.
    Mixed with various light essence or serum, it offers lifting, moisturizing and brightening effects.

  • Special ball mask for a special day!

    Raising Power Ball Mask is a sensational freeze-dried ball type sleeping mask. 

    Containing 5,000ppm of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Conditioned Media, it offers lifting, moisturizing and brightening effect over the night. 

    It is customizable with the essence or serum that you use. As it is mixed with liquid essence, it will quickly and completely melt down into viscous form. 

    It is recommended to use right after toner or light essence for maximum effect and leave it through the night without washing off. 

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