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Korean manufacturer of beauty products.

Mediselor is a Korean manufacturer of beauty&medical devices and skin care products. Mediselor possess much back ground knowledge of developing high quality products and dedicated to the delivery of specialist skin tightening and skin rejuvenation treatments across over the world. 

Brands: Beauty Monster Black, Mini Monster GZEL, Coatderm mask, Coatderm cream, Beauty Monster mask

 Press Releases


    Coatderm repair cream was introduced in Korean beauty channel ' Uri Beauty Halka" as a Mrs. Cheongdam cream.  
  • (Feb 20, 2019) 

    Coatderm transparent mask pack!
    A must have item for medern day people who spend most of their days in contamined air and dry office, making it possible to have efficient skin care.
    Use the mask everywhere and anytime.



  • Beauty Monster Black
    The Beauty Monster Black is a high frequency beauty device that replaces the existing complicated and difficult laser equipment and the effect is equal to CO2 laser. It's small, safe, convenient to use, and accessible to everyone....

  • Beauty Monster Black device uses the hight plasma frequency. It uses plasma sparks that occur when nitrogen and hight frequency enerqy in the air meet without directly touching the skin. Unlike convential plasma devices, which are intended only for sterilization and absorption, this beauty devices sterilizes piaquine(acne bacteria), accelerate collagen and protain productio, and treat both acne and anti-aging all at the same time. Micro plasma hight frequency helps skin circulation by using deep heat to deliver drugs to the dermal layer of the skin. It is highly effective in improving acne, scars, pores, elasticity and stretch marks by increasing the elasticity of induction of collagen regeneration.

    Beauty Monster Black is a fail-safe device.The device body is coated with (sf seal) to make the device look high quality. Parts of the device and all the tips are made with harmless sus316 material. Has 4 level control with stronger and safer frequency than the previous his model Beauty Monster White. 

  • Coatderm Repair Cream and Transparent Cream
    Coatderm Cream and Transparent Mask Pack include high contents of Centella Asiatica and Glutathione which capture the moisture and provide an effective help with wrinkle and skin whitening....

  • Coatderm Repair Cream

    The Coatderm Cream is the only cream that includes 1% of Centella Asiatica Extract which has a beneficial effect in promoting skin elasticity and skin regeneration. It's main ingredients Glutathione and Ceramide provides various results such as wrinkle, skin whitening, reducing acne, as well as anti-aging effects. The cream also confirmed the wrinkle and whitening effect, certifying it as a double functioning cream. Whitening, moisturizing, and water-light are all important, but their fundament is regeneration. If the regeneration happens correctly everyday before the symptom starts to get serious, then there is no need to go to the hospital to get laser or other treatments. In order for the regeneration to occur properly, the materials that proliferates the cells, materials that calms the scarred skin, and the materials that increases the moisture must go together in harmony. The Coatderm cream includes all these materials and as a regeneration cream, when in use, it improves the skin regeneration, and sustains the perfect skin condition. 

    Coatderm Transparent Mask Pack 

    Coatderm Transparent Mask Pack The double functioning transparent hydrogel pack includes high contents of Centella Asiatica and Glutathione which captures the moisture and provides an effective help with wrinkle and skin whitening. It's ​a must have item for modern day people who spend most of their days in contaminated air and dry office, making it possible to have efficient skin care.


    • Possible to use in short term during the week for 3~5 minutes.
    • Easy use results in higher make up absorption and moisturizing effect.
    • After 5~10 minutes of use, the mask contracts, giving off a lifting effect.
    •  Unlike the other companies’ mask packs, the Coatderm Transparent Mask Pack minimizes the thickness so that it adheres to even the fine areas of the face.
    •  Maximizes the adherence so that the active ingredients effectively seeps in and the mask does not slide down when applied on the face.

  • GZEL
    Mini Monster GZEL device uses micro-currents to treat skin troubles using various tips. It stands out for it's simple but elegant design. Half wireless makes convenient portability able to easily set the level of power and vibration simultaneously....

  • Mini Monster GZEL device uses micro-currents to treat skin troubles using various tips. The device is gaining popularity for its simple design; half wireless makes convenient portability, now able to easily set the level of power and vibration simultaneously, and stronger power. It is small and cheap compared to traditional, difficult and complex laser equipment and the effect is equal to CO2 laser. With it's low power and vibration, there are fewer side effects. Pencil design makes easy to perform treatments , so such treatmens like removing spots syringoma, small warts miliums and eyes lifting can be done even at home. 

    Currently, the Mini Monster GZEL is in the process of being CE, MDD certified and will soon be released as a medical device.

  • Beauty Monster 6 Type of Mask
    Beauty Monster aroma 6type mask pack went over many tests of Dr.Cho from Cheong-dam MS Clinic! With new mask pack you can change the aroma around you by adding a variety of aromas!
    A outstanding character! A visual design attracts you!


  • With each given aroma Beauty Monster 6 type mask has the effect of improving the skin by using the aroma-specific effect and fragrance, and strengthening the soothing effect of the skin compared to other packs. Cooling effect will occur after 5-7 minutes, and it does not dry even if you leave it  for 15 minutes. Especially, after cleansing the face, beauty monster mask reduces the pore and swelling, and helps the skin to look healthier-looking skin.

    Use it before dating!

    When you're on a date !

    On the day need change of pace!

    A magical mask pack that will make you love each other even more!

    You can change the smell of the lover.

    Due to the fragrance of aromatic aroma it smells like scent from my skin itself!

    • CRYSTAL ORANGE Concentrating Moisture – Calming Mask with Lubab's aroma
    • PINK X PINK Concentrating – Moisture – Nutrition Mask with Bergamot's aroma 
    • CROME YELLOW Regeneration – Nutrition Mask with Pear’s aroma
    • JUST GREENERY Concentrating Vitamin – Energy Mask with Orange aroma 
    • ULTRA VIOLET Wrinkle – Elastin – Moisture – Mask with Marigold’s aroma 
    • BLUE ROSE Whitening – Brightening – Moisture Mask with Rose's aroma 

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