Quorum Bio Healthcare Co., Ltd.  

Mapo-gu,  Seoul 
Korea (South)
82 2 6953 8255
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Handling high tech Oral&Beauty products

Quorum Bio Healthcare Co., Ltd is a bio company located in Seoul, Rep of Korea, which holding an exclusive patent of quorum sensing(communication between bacteria) inhibiting technology. Based on this cutting edge technology we have launched the world’s first quorum sensing inhibiting toothpaste, which enables to preserves beneficial bacteria and only inhibits bad bacteria.

In addition, we have launched the world’s first high performance photocatalyst teeth whitening product which has the same professional teeth whitening effect as dental treatments.


Brands: Lutooth


  • Lutooth Quorum Premium Toothpaste
    World's first Quorum Sensing inhibiting toothpaste
    Fluoride free, 100% natural component
    Teeth whitening function

  • Intro

    Quorum Bio Co., Ltd holds an exclusive patent technology which is called ‘Lutooth Quorum’ . This cutting edge technology enables to preserves only the beneficial bacteria and inhibits harmful bacteria by blocking the communication between bacteria(Quorum Sensing) without killing them. Also containing 100% natural component without fluoride or artificial component.

    Bullet Points

    - Preserving beneficial bacteria and inhibinting only bad bacteria

    - Fluoride free / 100% natural component

    - Remove bad breath

    - Powerful prevention of tooth decay and gum diseas without sterilization

    - Strong tooth whitening effect

    - Developed by dental research team of Seoul National University

  • Lutooth Teeth Whitening Kit
    World's first high performance photocatalyst Teeth whitening Kit
    Just 1 hour and reach to professional teeth whitening level

  • Intro

    [Lutooth teeth whitening kit] is a self teeth whitening product which has the same effect as dental clinics. This product helps people to remove teeth stains from wine, coffee, soda, smoking and etc just in 1 hour, due to the ‘high performance photocatalyst’ which was developed by School of Dentistry of Seoul National University and Quorum Bio Healthcare Co., Ltd.

    Bullet Points

    • Removes 20 years of teeth stains from wine, coffee, soda,   smoking and more just in 1 hour.
    • Delivers professional-level teeth whitening results due to high-performance catalysts.
    • Just 1 hour use, whitening effect will lasts for 6months or beyond.
    • Teeth whitening kit includes LED accelerator light that boosts the whitening process.
    • FDA, KFDA, GMP, EU Safety Assessment approved and clinical test conducted by dental college hospital, patent in US.
    • World wide reputation selling in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia

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