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Spa Equipment and Skincare Cosmetics

AMA Meditime is a global distributor of advanced medical and aesthetic solutions in the health & skincare markets since 1993. We specialize in high-end laser, ultrasound, RF, IPL systems, and other newest equipment for skin care and medical treatments that incorporate up-to-date trends and technology. Histolab USA is an official & exclusive distributor of Histolab skin care products in the U.S., offering a full line of clinical grade skin care products developed by an innovative method to encapsulate HISTO plant stem cell extracts in a supercritical liposome delivery system.

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Bellanova All-in-One Nano Mist Therapy Treatment
Introducing CURESTEM Premium | The Next Generation of Skin Rejuvenation

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  • Histolab Ampoule Series
    The Ampoule Series is a collection of four targeted skincare serums formulated with plant stem cells & other skin transforming ingredients to nurture an array of skin concerns. The Ampoule Series is one of Histolab's best-selling & most-loved products....

  • The Ampoule Series from Histolab is a collection of four targeted and powerful skincare serums formulated with plant stems and other skin transforming ingredients to nuture an array of skin concerns, including anti-aging, acne and irritation, skin hydration, and dullness. The four types of Ampoules offered by Histolab are 47% Vita C Complex, 50% EGF Complex, 62% Hyaluron Complex, and 72% Azulene Complex.

    • 47% Vita C Complex Ampoule: Brightens dull & discolored skin, smooths texture
    • 50% EGF Complex Ampoule: Powerful anti-wrinkle agents & improvement to skin elasticity
    • 62% Hyaluron Complex Ampoule: Replenishes moisture & boosts hydration in dry and all skin types
    • 72% Azulene Complex Ampoule: Prevents over production of sebum and oil, soothes irritations and redness

    The Ampoule Series is offered in two sizes- 50ml and 150ml.

    Learn more about Histolab at

  • CURESTEM Premium Cell Healer C10 + Skin Relaxer
    CURESTEM Premium Cell Healer C10 + Skin Relaxer is a 100% lyophilized skin booster created with the proprietary technology of Opti-SYSTEM™, containing the explosive growth energy of stem cells. ...

  • Age reversal skin care solution, CURESTEM Premium, is created with 100% Pure Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media, containing far greater regenerative potential than other kinds of stem cell conditioned medias, having a significant effect on the production of collagen and elastin in skin. 

    CURESTEM Premium is a 100% lyophilized powder of 100,000ppm of Human Cord Blood Conditioned Media that retains active ingredient value and efficiency, optimizing its stability and improving skin sensitivity, enhances elasticity, and improves regeneration. When mixing with the Skin Relaxer, a hydrating and soothing ampoule with 50,000ppm of Panthenol, right before use, the unique efficacy of the cord blood cell conditioned media is activated to restore skin improvement and intensely moisturize dry, irritated skin.

    Provide ultimate regeneration with CURESTEM Premium, MTS, and Laser treatment collaborations. 

    CURESTEM Premium is recommended for those with the following concerns:

    • Sagging skin, loss of elasticity
    • Stretched pores, rough texture
    • Dull skin
    • Acne scars
    • Hair loss 

    Learn more about CURESTEM Premium at

  • Bellanova All-in-One Nano Mist Therapy
    Bellanova is a Multi All-In-One System that operates on the concurrent use of the Fine Mist & Low-Level Laser (660nm). Bellanova can provide instant results for skin elasticity improvement, skin brightness, acne care, and more after a single treatment....

  • ⭐ Attend our workshop on Hydroimpact & Bellanova on Sunday, March 13, from 2:00-3:30 PM EDT in Room 3D08 

    Bellanova All-in-One Nano Mist Therapy is a multi all-in-one system that operates on the concurrent use of fine mist, low-level laser (660nm), and microcurrent therapy to provide total care to all skin types. Through simple and easy to perform treatments, you can achieve instant visible results for elasticity, fine lines & wrinkle improvement.

    Bellanova uses a Nano-Gun spray to transform physiologically active substances and active ingredients into nanoparticles smaller than pores, spraying them into the skin tissue, and penetrating deep into the epidermis.

    The low-level laser improves skin regeneration abilities by exposing skin to the special light and improving blood circulation in the capillaries (increasing the amount of blood flow) to increase activity of immune cells, promoting regeneration, an increase in antibodies, and helping produce anti-inflammatory effects.

    Microcurrent facials introduce a low-grade electrical current onto the face muscles. The muscles contract and are meant to be trained—just like a gym workout—to lift and sculpt the face. Microcurrent is used to lift the eyebrows, define cheekbones, tighten and firm skin, and stimulate collagen growth. 

    Learn more about Bellanova at or

  • Hydroimpact The World's First Hydrogen Skin Care
    Hydroimpact is extremely unique since it has the capability to act at the cellular level. Hydroimpact infuses hydrogen water into the body to remove free radicals & boost antioxidant activity, for anti-aging, anti-inflammation, and other skin concerns....

  • ⭐ Attend our workshop on Hydroimpact & Bellanova on Sunday, March 13, from 2:00-3:30 PM EDT in Room 3D08 

    What is HYDROIMPACT?

    Hydroimpact is extremely unique since it has the capability to act at the cellular level. Hydrogen is qualified to cross the blood-brain barrier, to enter the mitochondria, and even has the ability to translocate to the nucleus under certain conditions. Once in these ideal locations of the cell, previous studies have shown that hydrogen exerts antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the cell.​

    HYDROIMPACT has two handpieces to use for treatment: Hydro-W and Hydro-E. Hydro-W is used for hydrogen water injection and exfoliation, automated smart extractions, anc consecutive yellow LED treatment. The Hydro-E handpiece is used for consecutive red LED treatment.

    Benefits of HYDROIMPACT:

    Hydroimpact infuses hydrogen water into our body to remove free radicals and boost antioxidant activity, which helps with the following:

    • Anti-aging
    • Skin brightening
    • Skin moisturizing
    • Anti-inflammation
    • Relieve acne
    • Antioxidant care
    • Hair loss prevention

    Advantages of HYDROIMPACT:

    • Safe Treatment- There are no side effects or post-care precautions.

    • Solves Many Skin Concerns- Effective for atopic and aging skin.

    • Natural-looking Result- There are no post-treatment symptoms.

    • Can Use Anytime- Hydroimpact can be used all year long.

    • Combined Treatment- The maximum result when used with other skincare treatments.

    Learn more about HYDROIMPACT at or

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